Braasi Industry

Braasi Industry backpacks

Designer backpacks for the city, cycling and travelling, from Prague with love and care.

The versatile design of Braasi Industry backpacks

2013. The Brassi Industry brand was created in Prague. Behind it, two architects, Eliska and Simon. Unable to find a 'bag for their own back', they decided to start by  making their own backpacks. And then backpacks for their friends. And so on. The design of Braasi Industry accessories (beany), clothing (anorak) and backpacks is inspired by 1980s mountaineering gear. Models perfect for scaling Everest, climbing to the top of the Sacré-Cœur, or ascending the steps of Prague city hall. You notice very quickly that there is a big thing about straps with Braasi Industry backpacks! Many models, such as

the Wicker bagpack, the Webbing and the EVO II, have woven straps on the front similar to elasticated webbing. The compression straps allow you to adapt with the volume of your Braasi bag, add small objects or items of clothing and hang a few accessories on it such as a water bottle, your bicycle helmet, or your bicycle lock. And why not even a portable speaker to share your passion for 80s music? All the Braasi Industry urban backpacks have a secret pocket on the outside of the bag's back. It is easy to access all your essentials (key, wallet, headphones) without having to open your bag completely. Other interior pockets allow you to organise its contents.

Cordura, waterproof textile: Braasi Industry bags' technical textiles

Handmade in Prague with textiles, accessories and straps produced in-house, in the Czech Republic, Braasi Industry backpacks offer the very best textiles available on the market in terms of strength, technicity, watertightness, suppleness and durability. To make its backpacks, the Czech brand uses 1100D Cordura®, a nylon fibre which offers great resistance resistant to rubbing (no more pilling!). On the inside, the water-resistant polyester is a must for keeping your belongings and your laptop dry in the event of rain! A backpack, even a sturdy one, has to be maintained if you want to keep it for many years. 

When it comes to caring for your Braasi Industry bag, the brand recommends dry-cleaning its models, especially when they contain leather parts which you should avoid soaking! The lower part of most of their bags is in leather, therefore don't put it down in a puddle under the table in the local bar. For Braasi bags in 1100D Cordura (Webbing, Wicker, Kira models), you can wash them by hand, hang them upside down and leave them to dry. For their backpacks' finish and fasteners, the Czech brand works with YKK, the cream of backpack zips and components.

How to choose a Braasi Industry backpack according to your needs?

For information, the standard Eastpak much loved by students is 24 litres. If you need a slightly smaller designer bag (about 20 litres), the Kira, Basic and all Braasi bags have been designed to follow you everywhere. However, some models are better suited to your needs. Before opting for the Wicker, the Kira, or the Webbing, ask yourself these questions (which are not answered quickly): What do want to put in it? This will help you determine how many litres you need. Do you need a backpack for cycling? For travelling? Do you carry a laptop or a tablet? Or both? What size are they (13 or 15 inches)? Do you need a backpack for working or chilling out at the local bar? What will it be? To carry your 15 inch laptop and your work gear, opt for the Wicker, Evo II and Hertil models. The Wicker has a compartment for a 15 inch computer accessible on the side. Handy. These 

three Braasi backpacks have a capacity of 28 to 30 litres. You will need about 30/32 litres for everyday use and still have space to add all your gear, work or sports kit, and your laptop. Webbing models will be just the job. At less than €100 (OK we're cheating, it costs €99), the Basic bag from Braasi with its 16 litre capacity allows you to carry a 15 or 17 inch laptop and some essential items for the day (pencil case, notebook, book, etc.). That way, this bag allows you to get straight to the point. On the KEUS online store, discover a selection of backpacks from the Braasi Industry brand. We have drawn up a selection of models of different sizes, volumes and prices all in stock on the online store. Delivery free of charge within 48 hours. Do you have any questions about Braasi Industry backpacks? Contact us via the chat to find out which Braasi backpack (Wicker, Basic, Mika, Kira, Webbing, etc.) is best suited to you.