Black Ember

Black Ember backpack

Black Ember: the technical backpack for city dwellers on the move. From California with Design (and love)!

Black Ember: California Dreamin’

With Black Ember, treat yourself to the cream of technical backpacks! Based in San Francisco, the Californian brand brings together a team of dedicated and ingenious designers to offer modular technical backpacks. Thanks to their great versatility (which clearly challenges any Swiss Army knife!), the brand's models are true chameleons. Black Ember technical backpacks prove themselves to be effective in any situation. For going to work with a laptop or for a weekend break with your camera equipment or sports gear, 

Black Ember backpacks prove they can adapt. The zeal of these guys has been rewarded on several occasions. The Black Ember Citadel Minimal Backpack model was named Best Everyday Bag in 2018 by Carryology. Its colleague, the Black Ember Citadel Minimal, held a leading position in the list of the most popular backpacks that same year. And the specialist press and websites are unanimous: they are all fans of the Black Ember brand's meticulous and functional full black designs.

Black Ember: the modular and customisable technical backpack.

Black Ember has hit the target with its technical backpacks. Aware that we all have different needs, the Californian brand focuses on customisation. Its bags are modular: you can complete them by adding other removable modules using the various fastening systems. For a tailor-made backpack! Thus, Black Ember has developed a range of accessories and storage pouches to fasten to the exterior structure or organise the interior of the compartments. 

You will feel as if you're playing at Lego with your backpack. The technicity of the textiles will not leave users indifferent. Black Ember has chosen to use premium materials such as 800 D high-performance 3-layer textile for the exterior and 400 D coated ripstop for the interior. Your belongings will not have anything to fear from the rain and will be perfectly protected. The cut itself is all about perfect precision. Indeed, the backpacks' components have all been laser cut and welded.

Black Ember: backpacks adapted to urban mobility

With star models such as the Citadel Modular or the WPRT Minimal, Black Ember has everything needed to seduce design

enthusiasts looking for that rare gem. The urban lifestyle concept is clearly part of the brand's DNA.

With their padded and ergonomic straps, their backpacks adapt perfectly to a male or female morphology. Discreet and timeless, Black Ember bags are available only in black. Therefore, they are easy to use without any fear of being in bad taste. The WPRT collection (Minimal or Modular models) have borrowed their rolltop shape from the messenger bags we love so much. Available in different sizes and capacities, Black Ember technical backpacks are perfect for carrying your office tools and your laptop (up to 15 inches). Thanks to the compression straps, their depth adapts easily to all situations. We would also like to award an Excellent rating to the Forge bag from Black Ember. This bag can be carried in three ways: across the body, on the back, or as hand baggage. Its storage volume is expandable: the bag's capacity can be increased from 20 to 30 litres in a flash.

Therefore, you can use it to store your clothing, your work gear, a pair of shoes, and all your travel essentials. We're also delighted with the strap on the back of the bag into which you can insert a suitcase's telescopic handle. Ideal for travelling, the Forge bag from Black Ember is easy to open so that you can access your laptop in a flash. Perfect when you know how painful it can be going through airport security checks with a badly designed bag! Visit the KEUS online store to discover a selection of Black Ember backpacks. Find the brand's emblematic models, such as the Citadel Modular or the WPRT Minimal, as well as a large range of accessories, storage modules and straps so that you can customise your technical backpack to suit your needs. To find out more about the KEUS selection, visit the Crash Test section of our journal.