Goruck backpack and accessories

Ultra-sturdy military-inspired backpacks with a refined and functional design. The rucking revolution is underway.

Goruck: the history of an uncompromising American backpack

Clearly, Jason and Emily McCarthy are not joking. In 2008, while Jason was working in the Special Forces and Emily in the CIA, the couple founded Goruck. Their goal? To design a military quality backpack able to withstand all that life throws at it, especially things that are not all that funny… Jason and Emily embarked on this new adventure without a parachute: with no business plan on the programme, the American dream was going to be 

reached the hard way, without any compromise. The couple invested all its savings to create Goruck. The brand's launch was a gamble. From the sweat of their brows, the couple built a community as strong as its backpacks and accessories. Ultra-active and at the service of others, the American brand launched its Goruck Clubs, a programme which offered the community's members the chance to meet. And come together around the shared values promoted by the brand.

The word “rucking” is part of the Goruck brand's DNA. It refers simply to walking with a load on your back. Therefore, it is no surprise that Goruck backpacks are designed for weight. 'Rucking' is a genuine sport that can be enjoyed

alone or with others. A philosophy of life. Loading your cotton totebag with bricks is considered as rucking. However, it would be better to buy a Goruck GR1 and Ruck Plates® backpack. We thought it would be best to point that out.

Goruck backpacks: military quality at your service and made in America

The design of Goruck backpacks and accessories is inspired by the military universe in which the two founders grew up. The different Goruck models meet the requirements and criteria of quality, durability and functionality to perfection. The American brand Goruck has made its mark with backpacks such as the GR1, GR2, GR3 and its famous Rucker 3.0. Guaranteed for life, Goruck military

bags are equipped with the MOLLE straps system, onto which many objects can be attached thanks to various types of fasteners. In terms of composition, these American backpacks are designed with high-quality technical materials which are extremely resistant to wear, abrasion and tearing. 100D Cordura, 210D High Tenacity, and Dyneema® for the GRX. No worries if you have to carry your ironware cooking set.

A Goruck tactical backpack for city life, back-packing and sport...

Although the military style is visible, it isn't excessive. In short, you don't feel like an imposter disguised as a soldier when you spend all day working at your computer in an open-space. The design of Goruck bags is understated but practical. These backpacks are good all-rounders and that's why we like them. The jewel of the Goruck brand, the GR range bags available in different colours and sizes: 21 litres for the GR1, 34 litres for the GR2 and 45 litres for the GR3. With a military style appearance, these Goruck backpacks 

are also perfectly suited to more urban use or, for certain models, to transporting a laptop. Made in the USA, these Goruck backpacks have a special slightly raised padded compartment to store and protect your laptop. This means that even if you put your bag on the ground 'delicately', your laptop will never suffer. The interior of some bags is even equipped with MOLLE technology, meaning that you can organise the interior with the removable pockets and accessories (fastening buckle, snap hook).

Depending on the size, it is entirely possible to use Goruck models as travel backpacks or for a weekend break. Pack your spare clothes and toiletries. It's easy to access your contents thanks to the practical and complete so-called 'clamshell'. Goruck backpacks are also suitable for outdoor activities and hiking. You can even turn some Goruck models, such as the GR1, GR2 and Rucker 3.0, into a hiking bag by adding a

removable Padded Hip Belt. This type of accessory allows you to stabilise the weight of the load and ease pressure on the shoulders. And, if you have a sudden wish to do some rucking, you can easily given in to this desire for some weightlifting. However, do remember to load your Goruck backpack with heavy objects (bowling ball, cast-iron grill, etc.) before you leave. Thumbs up for Goruck!