Sandqvist backpack

With Sandqvist, Scandinavian minimalism asserts its style with a collection of backpacks which are practical as they are design. Its principle? #sustainability or hållbarhet in Swedish, for purists.

Sandqvist: ode to functional and responsible minimalism

No compromise for the Swedish brand Sandqvist: design joins forces with sustainability, minimalism with functional. Founded in 2004 by the Sandqvist brothers, Anton and Daniel, and their childhood friend Sebastian, the brand of the same name has made its mark as a reference for all those who appreciate beautiful objects and sturdy backpacks. The objective of these creators? To design high-quality, functional and design bags that are always environmentally-friendly. 

With star models such as the Stig, Bernt or Dante, available in many colours, Sandqvist continues to proclaim loudly and clearly its attachment to its founding values. Beautiful technical textiles at the service of high-quality designer backpacks that you can take everywhere with you and which are made to last. In complete opposition with fast fashion, the words sustainability and eco-responsibility are part of the Sandqvist brand's DNA. And this has been the case since its creation.

Sandqvist: the taste for responsible materials and the sense of detail

Cotton, Cordura®, recycled polyester and nylon, the materials and fabrics used to make Sandqvist 

backpacks are carefully selected for their durability and because fewer resources are needed to make them.

Sandqvist uses organic cotton for some models, such as the iconic Roald Ground, Hege and Stig. The brand has nothing to hide. The organic cotton for its bags is produced by independent farmers in India who comply with responsible production processes and guarantee good working conditions for their employees. No offence to sceptics: Sandqvist did not steal its place as a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, an international foundation which fights against bad practices in the textile industry. Well played. As for the leather in Sandqvist's bags, it won't skin the environment. Produced in tanneries which have obtained gold/silver certification from the international Leather Working Group, the leather comes from animals destined for milk or meat production. Nothing is lost, nothing is thrown away, everything is used at Sandqvist.  And if you're looking for an interesting piece of information you can share during a night out: it takes 30 0.5L bottles to make an 

average-sized backpack in Sandqvist recycled polyester. The oceans say thank you. Developed by outdoor enthusiasts, Sandqvist bags have nothing to fear from the rain (or the passing years!). Thanks to recycled materials, such as 1680D polyester, Cordura®, and their famous polyurethane coated recycled polyester, you can take your bag everywhere with you, regardless of the weather. A must when you travel by bicycle or are into outdoor activities. No rain, no gain. At KEUS, we like Sandqvist for its sense of detail and its almost obsessive aspiration to perfection! Everything is in its place, for a harmonious and minimalist result. Black or metal, the buckles are discreet or clearly display the brand's taste for outdoor activities. The zips on their bags (YKK or standard) definitely deserve us spending a little time discussing them as much for their technicity, as for the delicious, almost orgasmic sound they make (#ASMR). Yes, at KEUS, we really love backpacks.

Sandqvist: backpacks adapted to the needs of each individual

Designed as much for the outdoor universe as for the urban universe, Sandqvist backpacks come in several sizes, colours, volumes and shapes, and are all available online on the KEUS site. Whether you swear by black or navy, or you are a fan of colourful backpacks, the brand offers a large selection of bags at all prices. At Sandqvist, practical is never sacrificed for beauty. The pockets, compartments and various storage spaces blend perfectly into the structure and highlight the backpacks' refined lines. Although, outside, the bags are little design gems, wait until 

you see the interior of their compartments. It's easy to organise the contents of your backpack in them and pack your belongings for the day or the weekend. Everything is easily accessible (even your keys, that's right...). In short, it's very far removed from Mary Poppins' messy bag. The avant-garde brand Sandqvist caters for new trends and remains loyal to its principles. Mobile and connected, we need sturdy backpacks for working and carrying our computer and our tablet. No problem: many Sandqvist models are equipped with special compartments for a 13 and 15 inch computer. Smart.

In terms of comfort, Sandqvist clearly hasn't skimped on anything. The straps and snap hook ensure excellent hold for the bag. In leather or organic cotton, the bags' padded straps are adjustable and generally have fastening loops (Zack S, Harald), or a sternal strap (Ruben, Verner). And since we're not all 1.80 metres tall, some of the bags in the collection are also available in several sizes. Sandqvist bags have understood everything: they know how to adapt to our daily lives. Optimised for travel in cities and by bicycle, the anatomy of the Bernt, Dante and Verner models recall the layout of the rolltop messenger bag. And for those 

who are unable to decide and are still hesitating between a backpack and a good old tote bag to carry over the shoulder, the Roger LW model won't force them to choose! To buy your Sandqvist backpack, visit the KEUS online store. We've prepared a selection of models for you in different colours (black, navy, etc.), sizes, textiles (canvas, polyester, leather) and prices available online. Delivery free of charge within 48 hours. The little extra? Some Sandqvist bags have been tested by the KEUS editorial team. Thus, for a more detailed report on Sandqvist bags and other brands in the shop, visit the Crash Test section of our journal.