Cotopaxi backpacks

Looking for tough, responsible outdoor gear for your wildest hike? Cotopaxi backpacks are probably for you.

Cotopaxi backpack: a committed brand that develops a real strategy of social and ecological impact

The Cotopaxi brand wants to make a difference, their motto: reduce poverty in the world. Yes, just that. So they focus on employing responsible manufacturing practices throughout their supply chains. Giving is also at the heart of their model: Cotopaxi brand links its profits to environmental impact by allocating 1% of annual revenues to the Cotopaxi Foundation. Through their foundation, the brand makes grants several times a year to partners (non-profits) such as the 

International Rescue Committee (IRC), Mercy Corps, and Nothing But Nets (all organizations carefully selected for their ability to improve the human condition). The Cotopaxi brand consciously creates backpacks, clothing and travel accessories to fight systemic poverty, focusing on health, education and livelihoods, and that at Keus: it hits us hard. And because your opinion counts too, please tell us what you think about Cotopaxi bags and accessories. 

Cotopaxi bag: a reasoned environmental impact

A reasoned environmental impact is to start by questioning the design of backpacks. The Cotopaxi brand is committed to a completely recycled raw material. Cotopaxi teams work with fabric scraps normally destined to go to landfill (especially with their 'Del Dia' product series). In this sense, they reduce waste and reinvent from already existing materials. So Cotopaxi provides a nice list of eco-friendly ideas with their travel, hiking and trail bags: protecting the planet, affordable prices, recycled Del Dia colors, in other words, sustainable material for a successful travel. The beauty of Cotopaxi backpack design also comes from the no-frills features of the bags, which focus on core function and comfort. Perfect for a weekend trip or a few days, it can be easily adapted to the city and the country.

The Cotopaxi Allpa is available in 28, 35 or 42 liters, it offers a pocket to store your water bottle, and several internal compartments for your favorite accessory or clothing. No more need for suitcases with the Cotopaxi product. The Tarak 20L Cotopaxi was designed with climbers and skiers in mind (but it's also a real joy for hikers). No unnecessary straps or buckles on the Tarak, just a simple system to use (even with gloves). The zippered top cover gives you access to small essentials and serves as an extra attachment point for a climbing rope. A hydration pouch, low-profile shoulder straps and a removable waist belt make the Tarak perfect for your sports outings. In short, this is the kind of bag that goes everywhere with you, whether you're biking, trail riding, skiing, climbing or hiking.

Ethical and responsible backpack, without constraints?

Not quite. As we all know, making things in a thoughtful way, focusing on respect for humans and nature, does indeed come with its share of constraints

and efforts. And here again, Cotopaxi succeeds in its trick, by questioning the way we want to choose (and control?) everything all the time.

Surprise colors for the entire series of Del Día Cotopaxi backpacks

Fun and mystery: this is what all the products in the Del Día Cotopaxi series awaken in us. The sporty backpacks (for more freedom of movement) like the Tarak and the Luzon, or the Bataan fanny pack (to face your daily life in color), or all the travel accessories (to organize your mind) like the Cubo or the Dopp kit Del Dia... are all unique pieces, because they are made from recycled nylon scraps. 

It is therefore not possible to choose their colors ... but let us be surprised by the uniqueness and the choice of people who have sewn them! At Keus we say: thank you Cotopaxi and long live the surprise colors. We are one of the few sellers to offer Cotopaxi bags in France and Europe. And we are very proud of that! Admit it, it makes you dream: Cotopaxi Paris, Cotapaxi France, Cotopaxi Europe...

Simple, effective, strong and durable: what is the secret of the Cotopaxi backpack?

And for those of you who don't like surprises, it's totally ok: the Allpa Cotopaxi Travel Pack backpacks will surely satisfy you. Available in three different sizes, Cotopaxi France offers these little gems (made from a blend of 1000D TPU 

coated polyester and 840D ballistic recycled nylon panels) that will be perfect for following you on short weekends or long trips, in the city or in the country, for chilling out or for work (the Allpa also have incredible sleeves for the ultimate protection for your computers). So, what do you think will be your next trip with a Cotopaxi backpack?