From tents to backpacks, outdoor is being reinvented with HEIMPLANET. Thanks to them, It feels like home almost everywhere.

HEIMPLANET : Home is You 

The story of HEIMPLANET started in 2003. Two friends with a passion for travel and roaming, Stefan Clauss and Stefan Schulze Dieckhoff, went on a surf trip to Portugal. It is sometimes the worst situations, the ones that make the best stories that can be shared around a beer, that produce the greatest ideas. That evening it was raining and night had already fallen when the pair had to set up their tent. It was precisely at this moment that the idea came to the two men: what if we made an easy-to-mount designer tent? Some years later, because it takes time to design, test and produce this type of little gem, THE CAVE, the first inflatable tent was officially launched. With its unusual design, reminiscent 

of the futurist universe of the movie Interstellar, this tent challenged the outdoor sector, creating its own place and defining its own path. The brand did not stop there after such a promising start. And in its wake, HEIMPLANET developed technical backpacks and equipment for travel and roaming. So that you can feel at home, even at the summit of a mountain or when wild camping by the ocean. The idea of being at home wherever you are can be seen in the brand's name. In German, heimat is a little like the word home in English. A concept which goes beyond the notion of house, apartment or living space. A term that refers to the place where you feel at home. Where you feel protected. Like your home.

HEIMPLANET: designer backpacks for travelling 

What do you want from a hiking backpack? To be strong, comfortable and sturdy. So when it is also has a cool design, you feel as if you're on the top of the world. With HEIMPLANET, the travel backpack and hiking backpack have been given a facelift. The design of the outdoor brand's backpacks are famous for their minimalism and futuristic touches. Some models, such as the Motion Arc and Motion Ellipse have given a completely new lease of life to the shape of mountaineering bags. When you look at them closely, you can easily imagine them being worn by astronauts on Mars. For that matter, the backpacks' texture conjures up images of the coatings used for satellites or space stations. And that really spaced us out! If these extra-terrestrials of the outdoor universe have thrilled design enthusiasts, wait until you see the interior. 

The space inside HEIMPLANET's bags are optimised to hold everything modern-day backpackers or urban adventurers need. Storage for a laptop (up to 15 inches), fastening strap (for ice axe, water bottle, or beer, it's up to you to choose), MOLLE fastener, separate pockets and compartments, nothing is missing. The textiles are lightweight and extremely sturdy technical fabrics: Dyecoshell (800D nylon x 660D polypropylene), a mixture of 210D ripstop nylon and 420D nylon coated with polyurethane, and even Hypalon®. The small details have not been overlooked: say hello to YKK zips and Duraflex elements, the cream of fasteners! We particularly appreciate the overall compact design of HEIMPLANET backpacks. Far from resembling its other relatives, with their tentacular straps, nothing hangs out of HEIMPLANET bags. Everything is exactly where it should be.

HEIMPLANET: the DNA of the outdoor universe has been exported and is travelling the city

Although the HEIMPLANET brand is clearly inviting you to go and see the world, its backpacks are nonetheless perfect travel companions suited to different everyday situations. Not everyone needs a backpack equipped with a strap for an ice pick (although now that you mention it!). Half-way between a travel bag and a work bag, HEIMPLANET backpacks are just as suitable for urban mobility, in particular with their laptop storage space, as they are for travellers who want to keep their bag with them in the plane. An example of this is the Transit Line Travel Pack which offers a volume of 34L. In this HEIMPLANET backpack that you can keep in the cabin, you can store away and organise all your gear for the

weekend thanks to the various compartments. Clothes, shoes, jacket, laptop, toilet bag and all your work gear: everything fits in. In short, with HEIMPLANET, your backpack is like your second home. You can easily imagine settling wherever you want. And, above all, always feeling like you are at home. Visit the KEUS online store to discover a selection of HEIMPLANET backpacks. Discover several of the brand's star models suitable for the city and outdoor activities and also perfect for flying. Size, fabrics, volume, shape, to help you choose the travel backpack best suited to your lifestyle, consult our KEUS travel back special practical guide. And for further questions, be sure to use the live chat!