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Mystery Ranch backpacks

Sturdy and comfortable technical backpacks that don't have to be mysterious to pull out all the stops. One principle? #BuiltForTheMission

Mystery Ranch? Technical and magical backpacks

Since 2000, Mystery Ranch has offered backpacks and accessories adapted to certain professions (soldiers, forest firemen) and technical outdoor disciplines (hiking, mountaineering, rock-climbing). In short: demanding activities where there is no margin for error and which require reliable and sturdy equipment. Behind Mystery Ranch are two leading names in outdoor technical backpacks: Dana Gleason and Renee Sippel-Baker. 

The brand's founders are not novices. They have already collaborated on Dana's brand, Kletterwerks. They are also the ones behind the technical backpacks brand Dana Design, which has since been sold. Indeed, they have made a mark in people's minds with innovative technologies such as the use of different types of materials in the design of the Dana ArcFlex bag's internal structure so as to optimise the transfer of the load.Les

From the very beginning, Mystery Ranch has worked hard to create comfortable, ultra-functional and extremely sturdy American backpacks with technical materials (hey there Cordura®!) and meticulous technical assembly. Each bag has been designed for specific uses. Many Mystery Ranch backpacks, products and accessories are patented. Which just goes to show that if you do things well, there's no secret. In 2004, Mystery Ranch started a long relationship with the military world after being contacted by the NAVY. 

And we don't mean the Village People... To satisfy all and meet the growing demand, Mystery Ranch has its backpacks made by hand in the United States, the Philippines and Vietnam. This geographic distribution means that it can produce backpacks of consistently high quality and make them available at more affordable prices. Therefore, made in US is not mandatory as Mystery Ranch explains. Rest assured: the workshops are selected with great care and the products and articles always comply with Mystery Ranch's quality standards.

Mystery Ranch backpacks: for outdoor, hiking and much more...

Are you looking for a comfortable and versatile backpack for working, travelling and even hiking? Mystery Ranch. Quite simply. Mystery Ranch backpacks, accessories and products come in many colours (black, sand, khaki, red, grey, green, and more) and camouflage/lattice patterns. Therefore, there is something for every taste. Practical, Mystery Ranch backpacks pockets, fasteners and packing system (Y-shaped fastening with 3 zips) are designed to make your life easier.  They ensure you quick and 

easy access to the contents of your backpack. Some advice? If you're looking for a work backpack to carry your laptop, check that the Mystery Ranch model has a padded or separate compartment. Some bags, such as the Mystery Ranch 18-litre Urban Assault, is suitable for work and for urban use, thanks to its front opening which makes it easier to pack and open. With their adjustable padded shoulder straps, mesh back and compression straps, Mystery Ranch backpacks have taken the word 'comfort' to the extreme.

The Mystery Ranch Assault range: the jewel of tactical backpacks

In the same way as many tactical backpacks, the Mystery Ranch Assault range is largely inspired by the military world. It brings together various models, suitable for both men and women, made in 500D Cordura® nylon. Strong stuff! Select your Mystery Ranch Assault bag according to your needs (size, capacity, load) and uses (mountaineering, hiking, rock-climbing, bowling at the local park). What do we think about this Mystery Ranch range? It combines all the practical accessories and features we can no longer do without. We really appreciate the hallmark of the Mystery Ranch Assault range: its large Y-shaped opening at the front which means it is quick and easy to pack the bag. This system is 

useful in many situations: when travelling, hiking or for a day's work. Which Mystery Ranch backpack to choose? The MOLLE fastening system on the 2 Day Assault L/XL makes it the perfect backpack for cycling because it can be used to secure your helmet or your bicycle lock. When hiking, you can also use it to attach your equipment and accessories. In 500D Cordura® nylon, the Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault L/XL backpack with a 27-litre capacity will be perfect for a 2-day hike with accommodation. For a day of non-technical hiking, carrying your laptop, or for city life, opt for the compact and lightweight 18-litre Urban Assault backpack. This Mystery Ranch backpack is also available in 21 litres.