Ucon Acrobatics

Ucon Acrobatics

Definition of Ucon Acrobatics: produce less but better without sparing any expense in order to offer durable and functional designer bags at affordable prices. Synonyms: #sustainability #transparency #innovation #creativity

Ucon Acrobatics: the material as the starting point

2001. The Ucon Acrobatics brand was created by Jochen Smuda and Martin Fussenegger. It was in the alternative neighbourhood of Berlin-Friedrichshain, where creators, artists, designers and Indie brands (for which we are so envious of the German capital!) rub shoulders, that Ucon Acrobatics set up home. And not just anywhere: in former stables turned into offices. Creativity has a new stronghold. Somewhat unusual, it's true. From that point on, Ucon Acrobatics started to create minimalist and functional backpacks manufactured as part of an ethical and responsible production circuit. The material is at the heart of the research and the creative process. Indeed, it is the starting point for all their 

collections (Lotus, Stealth, Original). The brand's keystone. Aware of its responsibility to its users and the planet, the Ucon Acrobatics backpack brand makes it a point of honour to work with companies which offer their employees good working conditions. In terms of environmental responsibility, they have gone even further and obtained B Corp certification in 2019. In parallel, the Better Together philosophy led Ucon Acrobatics to work with non-profit organisations such as My Climate, the mission of which is (as you can imagine) environmental protection. But Ucon Acrobatics has not stopped there since it regularly give backpacks to the NGO Save the Children.

In its quest for a positioning that is as eco-responsible as it is ethical, Ucon Acrobatics has not left anyone out since all its backpacks, products and accessories are vegan. That's right: the brand is a PETA official partner. So, in terms of karma, it's more like the Dalai Lama than the James 

Bond baddie. What we (also) like about Ucon Acrobatics is its transparency. All that it hides is simply the contents of your bag. Nothing more. The brand has nothing to hide and publishes a full report on its website. A great example for others to follow.

Ucon Acrobatics: designer backpacks at affordable prices

Influenced by its lively neighbourhood - a sort of Berlin Eldorado for creation and design -, the Ucon Acrobatics brand draws its inspiration from society's new uses and codes. In particular among digital nomads. With backpacks such as its bestseller, the Hajo, available in different materials and colours (black, navy, red, etc.), Ucon Acrobatics has found a refined and minimalist language to meet the needs of all (carrying your computer and personal belongings, cycling with your bag, etc.). Ucon Acrobatics bags are true chameleons which adapt to the urban environment where the weather is not always necessarily good. Whether it is

the Lotus series in matt polyurethane, the Stealth range in recycled PET, or the Original Series in cotton, the brand's products can withstand the rain and are waterproof. Note that Ucon Acrobatics prefers to use the term water-repellent, because in extreme conditions (for example the Cornish monsoon or Scottish April showers), a little dampness may penetrate the seams or zips. However, the fabrics are covered with a laminated layer in TPU, PU or PVC, which means that the material is waterproof up to 1,500 mm of water pressure. What we mean is that you can put your computer in one of their bags without having to worry too much.

One major point we really appreciate (especially at the end of the month): the price of the bags. Since its creation, the Ucon Acrobatics brand has devoted itself to producing bags 

that are not only responsible, durable and functional, but also affordable. No more need to break your bank to treat yourself to an original designer backpack. We approve.

Hajo: focus on an urban backpack suitable for all

At Ucon Acrobatics, the leading models are available in different materials. Don't forget: one material = one collection. Among them, discover the Hajo, the brand's bestseller, which is adapted for men and women. Whether you're a fan of black (hello Stealth Series Black!) or lighter colours (say hello to the Lotus Series!), you'll always find a Hajo backpack to match your look. And your size since the model is available in normal (16-20 litres) and mini (12 litres) sizes! The Hajo combines everything we like about Ucon Acrobatics: a refined but functional design, a comfortable ergonomy, a compartment for protecting your computer, and an interior which is as polished as the physiognomy of the bag's exterior. We 

also like its slight messenger bag side with its rolltop closing and, of course, its sobriety. Whether it is in coated cotton canvas (Hajo Stealth) or polyurethane (Hajo Lotus), this Ucon Acrobatics backpack will never disappoint and will always do the job: protecting your belongings from the rain. To buy your Ucon Acrobatics backpack, visit the KEUS online store. Discover a selection of models (Hajo, Colin, Karlo, Frederik, etc.) in different colours, sizes, materials (cotton, polyester), capacities and prices, all available online. Delivery free of charge within 48 hours. Marine, from the KEUS editorial team, tested the Ison Lotus by Ucon Acrobatics in real conditions. Discover other backpack tests in the Crash Test section of our journal.