WANDRD backpack

Who said that camera bags had to be ugly? Definitely not WANDRD which has made this its hobby horse, offering camera backpacks that are as practical as they are design.

WANDRD: high-quality camera backpacks designed by photographers

The history of WANDRD started in the Cope family kitchen. Ryan and Spencer, two of the brothers, were preparing to go travelling: one to shoot the Fashion Week in Paris, the other for a 10-day road trip in New Zealand. For the past few months, they had been trying to find the Holy Grail of the camera backpack, without any success. Rather, after numerous tests, they realised that they had two options: camera backpacks were either practical and functional but really ugly (really truly ugly!), or they had a cool design but were not really all that practical. This led them to an idea: 'what if we made our own camera backpack?' BINGO! The brand's name was easy: it would be called The Wandered, an acknowledgement of their passion for travel and the resulting philosophy of life. Except the domain name 

was already taken and could only be acquired for the modest sum of $20,000! Therefore, Ryan and Spencer decided on wardrd.com, a domain name that only cost them $9.99! After months spent drinking Red Bull as they worked on creating the cream of the camera backpack, they launched their first Kickstarter campaign in 2015 with their PRVKE camera backpack. WANDRD's success story was underway and the rest is history... Austin, the third brother, joined the adventure in 2016 and participated actively in the development of the WANDRD camera backpack brand. After a second Kickstarter campaign (and $40,000 collected), the brand proves once and for all how well it has found its place in the world of photography.

WANDRD: the camera backpack Eldorado

The WANDRD brand has opted for sobriety for its camera backpacks. It's all about black. Made in Vietnam with long-standing partners, the camera backpacks are designed and assembled with very high-quality technical textiles (clearly not the cotton used for your shopping tote bag!). Tarpaulin (PVC) and 1680D and 200D polyester make up the bags' exterior and interior. In practical terms, 

this means that the backpacks are sturdy and waterproof. For the finish, a high-quality zip is used to guarantee that the bags remain watertight. The price of peace of mind! WANDRD now equips professional and amateur photographers around the world. Thanks to WANDRD, compromise is no longer possible: the camera backpacks are as design as they are practical!

Focus on the PRVKE camera backpack by WANDRD

WANDRD's emblematic model, the PRVKE is a versatile camera backpack, the design of which is inspired by messenger bags, with its so-called rolltop watertight closing system. Its design makes a clean break from the traditional (and boring, let's admit it!) 

shapes of traditional camera backpacks. Everyone agrees, as much the photographers who insist on this bag's versatility, as the press and reference websites which recommend it without a second thought (Forbes, USA Today, and National Geographic). 

Thanks to its many pockets and 21 litre or 31 litre capacity, the PRVKE is ideal for carrying your photography gear (case, lenses, memory card and hard drive). When travelling or on a shoot, you can also carry your 15 inch laptop and your tablet so that you can edit your photos - even on the go! WANDRD has equipped its camera bag with 3 openings so that you never miss THE photo of the century. Sometimes you only get one chance. The brothers know that all too well! Modular, the interior of the PRVKE camera backpack from WANDRD can be adapted to your photographic equipment thanks to its removable padded dividers which ensure that your camera, case and lenses are well supported and protected. As for your apartment, you can lay out the space as you want. The supple, breathable and sturdy shoulder straps ensure excellent 

support and comfort, even at the end of the day. Available in certain PRVKE bundles (additional straps, a protective cover and other accessories), the “cube” is a removable storage compartment that is easy to take out. Thanks to its rigid structure and its padded dividers, it protects your equipment and reflex camera. The extra straps in the packs mean that it is easy to attach a tripod. On the KEUS online store, discover the PRVKE (21L or 31L) and WANDRD camera backpacks. Choose one of the different bundles available at different prices to go with the kit best suited to your needs. To find out more about the backpacks from our selection, go to the Crash Test category of our journal. To help you find the right camera backpack, be sure to consult our special camera backpack practical guide.