Matador backpacks and accessories

Do you need ultra compact and lightweight travel or hiking gear? Set out to conquer the West in full Matador to be sure you reach your destination.

Matador: a journey among the conquistadors of the lightweight, durable and high-performance travel backpack

​​​​​​​Make your way to Colorado in the United States to discover Matador. The aim of the American brand? To design a complete range of travel backpacks and accessories which combine performance, lightness, durability and technical innovation. Over the years, the Matador brand has made its mark in the world of travel and outdoor technical equipment with one principle that resonates for us all: 'Packing less and experiencing more'. We couldn't 

have put it any better! Wishing to make products that combine sustainability and performance, Matador is committed to offsetting the CO2 emission of its shipments from its production workshops to the US distribution network and works with the foundation. Matador carefully selects its suppliers ensuring that they comply with their ethical production charter. Since 2018, all of Matador brand's equipment has been 100% vegan.

In its search for long-lasting travel equipment, Matador uses its environment to test

its products. Matador also undertakes to offer a repair service for all its bags and accessories.

Ultra technical, ultra-light, ultra-durable: the winning combination of Matador bags

The Matador brand is not here to amuse the gulls. It hits hard with a range of full black technical travel backpacks with a minimalist unisex but ultra functional design. For its technical backpacks, Matador opts for sturdy materials, details and fabrics which withstand abrasion and wear, such as nylon 210D high tenacity Robic® nylon, 420D nylon, Hypalon®, etc. You're going to have to work really hard to wear them out. Designed for travel and suitable for outdoor use, Matador bags and accessories are not afraid of water. Enduction PU 

(polyurethane), DWR water-repellent treatment, UTS waterproofing for inner fabrics which increases resistance (up to 30%) compared to standard PU coatings. Matador tames the elements with great skill. Thus, your clothing and objects will be protected from water and damp throughout the duration of your trip or hike. Our opinion? We completely validate the features of each Matador bag. And it is all these details that leads us to say that Matador equipment is almost complete perfection!

Which Matador bag to choose according to your use?

For travel or urban use, opt for bags such as the Matador SEG30 Segmented Backpack or the SEG42 Travel Pack. Take advantage of their large volume to carry your work gear, sportswear, and laptop. In 2020, Carryology, our own special bible, named the Matador SEG42 the best travel bag in its category. For backpacking, outdoor activities and hiking, we recommend technical backpacks equipped with a hip belt to improve carrying comfort and spread the weight. The Beast18 Ultralight Technical Backpack and the Beast 28 Ultralight Technical Backpack from Matador are perfectly suited to this type of use. 

Another major advantage for these two bags: they can be completely folded into themselves. Plot twist: easier to store away than the 2 seconds tent. Select the capacity of your bag in litres according to the size you need for carrying your belongings. When hiking, don't take a bag that's too big or you risk loading yourself down with stuff that is not necessarily useful (fondue set). Now that you know which bag to choose for your adventure, optimise how you pack your Matador bag with practical and ultra compact storage accessories. Let us tell you about them!

Storage, cases, accessories and ultra compact waterproof Matador products for your trip

With Matador, keep dry when you travel! The American brand offers a range of accessories to optimise the storage of your belongings. On the programme: ultra-compact storage pouches, waterproof toilet bag, storage pouch for a laptop and camera, waterproof aluminium boxes, etc. In short: all the essentials you need for travelling or hiking. And, as for Matador backpacks, we also appreciate their minimalist full black design. Need a handy accessory when you're travelling and for washing? 

The Matador FlatPak Toiletry Bottle, a waterproof pouch for liquids (shampoo, shower gel, tomato if you fancy a lasagne when you're in the mountains). This supple pouch is 5 times lighter and 3.5 times more compact than other travel bags on the market. Choose the waterproof FlatPak Soap Bar Case to store and protect your bar of soap. It has to be said: you're going to be so stylish when you take out your shampoo at the campsite's showers. And that's priceless as they say.