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Mission Workshop backpack

Bike-friendly backpacks that offer an air of freedom. On the way to San Francisco, baby and let's meet Mission Workshop!

Mission Workshop: an air of freedom!

In 2009, after a few months spent working in the dust of a former warehouse in San Francisco, the Mission Workshop brand was born. Based in a small street called “The Messenger Ghetto”, it quickly set to work designing bags adapted to the urban environment where, in particular, cyclists and bicycle couriers come together. This specific lifestyle, which rhymes lifestyle with mobility, is clearly visible in the brand's DNA. The story of Mission Workshop dates back many years before its creation, to 1994. That year, the brand's co-founder, a certain Mark Falvai, and his best friend Doug Hudson, embarked on another entrepreneurial adventure with Chromes Industries.  A genuine mini revolution in apparel and bags

for cyclists and couriers! Therefore, they weren't going to stop while they were ahead, right? A few pedal strokes later and the Mission Workshop brand was born. Mission Workshop is a true community which has developed beyond the borders of America. It brings together hardcore cyclists, fixie fans, couriers (messengers in the language of Faulkner!), and bicycle commuters from around the world. In addition to its backpacks and messenger bags, the American brand Mission Workshop has diversified its range and now offers clothing for women and men, and many accessories ranging from a water bottle to a knife, including a pocket for storing an inner tube and its multi-tool. Bike Friendly to the very end! 

Mission Workshop: an urban and effective design

At the helm of design at Mission Workshop, meet Jeff Roberts. This guy is none other than the co-founder and CEO of Mountain Gear Company, a brand specialising in military equipment which, in particular, supplies the CIA, the Navy SEALs, SWAT, and even NASA. As you can imagine, it's serious stuff and the brand clearly has every interest in creating sturdy apparel and backpacks. Thus, Jeff places all his expertise at the service of Mission Workshop. He is the one behind the skilful and functional design of the brand's backpacks. Thank you who? Thank you, Jeff! Designed to quench the thirst for freedom of city dwellers and the cycling community, the bags are made in hard-wearing and waterproof 

HT500, X-PAC™. Indeed the HT500 technical fabric is a 100% Mission Workshop creation. It is made in 500 denier woven nylon impregnated with polyurethane (serious stuff!). In everyday language: you can treat it rough (even though the bag hasn't done anything to deserve that!) and leave it in the rain: the fabric remains supple and resists. The different compartments, pockets and storage spaces allow you to store and wedge your personal belongings so that they don't move, or at least so that you don't feel them move. Some models have protective pockets for your laptop or tablet. Depending on the model, you can even store a computer up to 17 inches. Nice!

Mission Workshop: cycling backpacks (but not only!)

Mission Workshop is a sort of paradise for messenger bags! It offers a large selection of courier type models and bags suitable for cycling. You can find backpacks with a roll-top type fastening such as the Rhake WX Waxed Canvas, and designs with large vertical straps (Sanction model tested and approved by the editorial team). Different pockets and storage spaces are included inside and outside the bag so that you can quickly add any personal belongings. Special compartments allow you to carry your laptop, which can be as big as 17 inches! #thumbup! Mission Workshop's ergonomy ensure excellent hold. Thanks to the messenger bags' breathable straps and foam back, comfort is at a peak throughout the day. The brand also offers camera backpacks. An example of this is The Integer from Mission Workshop, where you can 

place your reflex camera, lenses and accessories in padded and removable compartments. This model also has a protective pocket for a 15 inch computer. And thanks to a removable central divider, you can store any type of camera case, with or without its lens. The cherry on top: to ensure the quality of its apparel, Mission Workshop has its bags made in the States. On the KEUS online store, discover a selection of Mission Workshop backpacks. On the menu: a selection of models in different sizes, colours (black, khaki, grey, etc.), prices and shapes adapted for men and women. Read the full test of The Sanction backpack by Thomas, the founder of KEUS. And for more articles, visit the Crash Test section of our journal. KEUS team members share their opinions of the backpacks in the shop's selection.