Able Carry

Able Carry backpack

With Able Carry backpacks, Less is better is the new Less is More.

Able Carry: minimalist Hong Kong design

Able Carry is one of those small confidential brands we really appreciate at KEUS. The brand's creators started out with a simple idea: they needed a sturdy, versatile and comfortable backpack for everyday use. Nothing could be simpler you might think, yet after testing numerous backpacks, they quickly lost heart. Apparently, they were not the only ones up against this problem... Thus, they decided to launch the

Able Carry brand via Kickstarter. Since then, they have continued their mission: to make sturdy backpacks adapted to our very urban lifestyle. Their products are designed for travelling by bicycle and allow you to whip out your travelcard in a flash thanks to its storage pouches in the straps. What is Able Carry's principle? Simple bags well made. Something on which everyone agrees.

Able Carry: technical, supple and lightweight materials

It has to be said that the Hong Kong based firm, Able Carry, has worked hard on the design of their bag and hasn't made any shortcuts when it comes to the materials. For its bags, the brand has placed its trust in two textiles which here, at KEUS, we like a great deal for their technicity, robustness and watertightness: X-PAC™(VX21 and X50) and Cordura® nylon (1000D and 210D Ripstop). For information: the colour of the Cordura® nylon backpacks remains brighter for longer! As for X-PAC™, it is an extremely lightweight and sturdy material used

to make boat sails. Although they are extremely sturdy and light, it should be emphasised that Able Carry bags are not parachutes. High standards are synonymous with excellence. In terms of accessories, the Hong Kong brand has also carefully selected its bags' small details such as the zips, fasteners, straps and buckles. YKK and Duraflex POM provide a durable fastening system for your bag. Able Carry backpacks are produced in a factory located 2 hours from their studio which specialises in manufacturing technical clothing for leading brands.

Able Carry: 3 models to accompany you wherever you go

With Able Carry: you won't spend hours choosing. On the programme, a selection which is as minimalist as the design of their backpacks. 3 models: the Daily Backpack, the Thirteen Daybag and the Daybreaker, and two pouches, the Stash and the Joey. Nothing more. With their avant-garde and refined ergonomics, Able Carry backpacks are design gems perfectly adapted to your daily life. Supported by padded and breathable straps, the main compartments offer various ingenious storage spaces and mesh pockets. On the Daily Backpack, 

so-called anti-saggy straps below the bag keep your belongings in place. Offering a capacity of 20 litres, the Daily Backpack has 5 storage spaces and a secret pocket (we won't say anymore and let you discover it for yourself!). You'll also be able to slip your 15 inch laptop into its protective pouch. Its cousin, the Thirteen, has no fewer than 9 storage spaces and can hold a 13 inch laptop. An invisible pocket for your travelcard or credit card is hidden discreetly in a strap. There's no doubt about it: Able Carry bags are approved by Marie Kondō.

If you're looking for a slightly larger model, opt for the Daybreak with its 25 L capacity. Just as functional, it is perfect for all your outings. And since it weighs just 560 grams, there's no need to say that you'll quickly forget that you're carrying it. Visit the KEUS online store to discover a selection of Able Carry backpacks. Discover the brand's 3 models, the

Daily Backpack, the Thirteen Daybag and the Daybreaker, available in different colours (black, grey, navy, etc.) and prices. Delivery free of charge within 48 hours. For further information, take a look at the Crash Test section in our journal to see the backpack tests conducted in real-life conditions (with passion!) by KEUS team members.