Bellroy backpack

Practical and functional designer backpacks adapted to the lives of urban kangaroos.

Bellroy: from wallet to backpack

Immediate boarding for Australia to find out more about Bellroy! Founded in the noughties by Andy Fallshaw and Lina Calabria, the Australian brand started out by trying to tackle a tricky problem: how to carry your wallet in the pocket of your skinny jeans, a cut which was fashionable at the time? In 2010, Bellroy officially launched itself on the market with its very first wallet. Although, since then, the brand has developed a large range of backpacks and accessories, the brand started out focusing on pockets

(and not bags)! As for the brand's name, it comes from a contraction of the names of two Australian spots: Bells Beach and Fitzroy. In short, two of the best that Australia has to offer (without mentioning koalas and kangaroos of course): surfing and art. Because although Bells Beach sees a procession of surfers toasted brown by the sun, Fitzroy is THE arty and creative heartland of Melbourne. A mixture of nature and the city, the same as for the collection of backpacks and accessories from the Bellroy brand.

Bellroy's designer and eco-friendly backpacks

In the same way as their DNA which combines user experience and design, Bellroy backpacks and accessories aim to make your life easier. If the brand, depicted by an owl, has committed to creating accessories that are as useful as they are beautiful, it has also chosen to take a stance in terms of ecological responsibility. Therefore, it is not by chance that Bellroy is a member of the B Corp movement, an association of certified companies which use their influence to ensure environmental and social change. Wishing to limit its environmental impact, Bellroy selects the materials for its bags with the greatest care. The leathers it uses come from tanneries which are members of the Leather Working Group, and which 

have obtained certification guaranteeing the sustainable and responsible production of leather. Thus, the brand offers different types of leather to meet all tastes. Do you like nubuck or do you appreciate leather which becomes burnished over time? You've come to the right place. Following a logic of 'cradle to cradle', they make their backpacks using an increasing amount of 100% recycled polyester. In terms of textiles, for its backpacks, accessories and wallets, Bellroy opts for high-quality sustainable materials that do not wear over time. In particular, the brand has chosen to work with recycled fabrics such as ripstop or baida nylon. And in the same way as love, Bellroy's backpacks are guaranteed 3 years.

Backpacks adapted to the urban jungle.

Although the company clearly states its wish to do things in an environmentally positive manner, this is clearly not to the detriment of users. Therefore, quality is always guaranteed. Bellroy backpacks are perfectly adapted to the city and the needs of city dwellers. All Bellroy articles (wallets, cases, backpacks and accessories) have been designed to make your life easier and more beautiful (since we can't all go surfing after work!). The design of its backpacks is intentionally meticulous, practical and

functional. Proof of this can be seen in one of Bellroy's bestsellers: the Duo Totepack, available in several colours. The Duo Totepack is compact and despite its 15 litres capacity it can carry a 15 inch computer and all your gear for the day. Small but sturdy as they say. This work backpack can hold your tablet, magazines, spectacles, pencil case and your telephone and wallet (Bellroy naturally!). The model perfectly sums up the Australian brand's spirit: beauty at the service of useful.

Are you going on a weekend break (how lucky!) or a trip for a few days? Bellroy also has another model up its sleeve: the Transit Backpack. With a capacity of 28 litres and many pockets, store all your small belongings for the weekend as well as a 15 inch laptop. If you're travelling by bicycle, opt for models equipped with a chest strap, such as the Bellroy Shift Backpack with its relatively classy messenger style look. Whether you're a fan of koalas or not, you risk falling for the charms of the

Australian brand Bellroy if you're looking for a functional, comfortable and designer backpack. On the KEUS online store, discover a selection of Bellroy backpacks and accessories. Perfectly adapted and optimised for city life, Bellroy bags come in several colours and sizes. Discover the backpack tests in the Crash Test section of our journal to help you find yours. Do you have some questions or need help finding your future work backpack? Contact us via the live chat. We're always happy to advise you!

Bellroy: design for user comfort

When Andy Fallshaw and Lina Calabria created Bellroy, their main aim was to simplify users' daily journeys. Their credo could be to pack as much as possible into as little space as possible: all their products (wallets, pouches, backpacks and accessories) are designed with this in mind. In fact, when you use their products, you'll always feel like you're carrying something space-saving and practical. Buying a Bellroy backpack is the assurance of having a functional and durable backpack, with a sleek design that's perfect for organizing all your work stuff (computer, pencil case, tablet, notebooks...). It's also a way of promoting an innovative, responsible company that puts the user at the heart of its concerns. Product design is still driven today by

by Andy Fallshaw, who is constantly optimizing the design of the brand's bags and accessories. As a result, Bellroy's new backpacks are always more functional and easier to use, but they also use more ecological and high-performance materials. Find out more about the materials used by Bellroy and their commitment to the environment on the brand's website. On the KEUS online store, discover a selection of Bellroy backpacks and accessories. Perfectly adapted and optimized for the city, Bellroy bags come in a range of colors and sizes. In the Crash Test section of our journal, you'll find backpack tests to help you find yours. Questions or need help finding your future work backpack? Contact us via live chat. We're always happy to help!