Code Of Bell

Code of Bell

From the battlefield to the urban jungle, you can always count on Code of Bell backpacks.

Code of Bell: designer backpacks inspired by the military universe

It was in 2017, in Los Angeles, that the designer Shiro Suzuki officially launched Code of Bell (or COFB). He and his brother – an American navy veteran – had been thinking for a while about adapting military backpacks for more daily and urban use. Why? Because they were convinced that these tactical bags were perfectly suited to new uses and mobility. Thus, the X-PAK™, Code of Bell's first backpack, was launched via a Kickstarter campaign. In a few days, the goal of

$25,000 was reached and exceeded, which reassured the pair: people clearly need a sturdy technical backpack adapted to the urban environment. But one that is also design! In the same way as tactical military backpacks, the models in the Carrywear™ collection are made in extremely hard-wearing and waterproof textiles. Despite being waterproof, these materials are extremely light, such as X-PAC™ and Cordura® and are used, in particular, to make military clothing.

Code of Bell: a unique design adapted to the urban environment

Rest assured, you're not going to look like Rambo. Although they're clearly inspired by the Shiro brother's past, Code of Bell backpacks bear no resemblance to old-fashioned military camouflage packs. The firm's designer and CEO have reworked their design to adapt them to a new battlefield: the urban jungle. Inspired by the infamous bumbag and the first courier bag models, Code of Bell backpacks all have one strap not two. Indeed, Code of Bell has made this its hallmark. The single strap makes it easy to access and reach your personal belongings or laptop quickly. In order to fasten

other accessories or pockets to the main structure, Code of Bell backpacks have also borrowed the MOLLE fastening system from the USMC (United States Marines Corps). In fact, this business is all about backpack DIY! No more need to ask a friend to put your keys in your front pocket after you've secured your bag on your back. No more shoulder straps that you have to put on and take off three times because you forgot your headphones, your wallet, your lighter, and so on - you know what we mean... With one single movement, you can store away, retrieve and organise your bag. Et basta !

Close-up on our two favourites: the X-PAK Sling Pack (L) and X-POD Sling Pack (S) from Code of Bell

We have selected two emblematic models from the Code of Bell brand: the X-PAK Sling Pack (L) and the more bumbag style X-POD Sling Pack (S). 

They feature everything we love about Code of Bell: sturdy materials at the service of practical ergonomy which adapt to a variety of situations.

Indeed, we're not the only ones who think that Code of Bell bags are little gems. These two models were rewarded by the Oscars for backpacks: the Carryology website. In 2019, the X-Pod bag won first place in the best bumbags ranking. As for the X-PAK, another Code of Bell star model, it appeared in the list of winners of the bags most recommended by Carryology. With a capacity of between 2.3 and 4.5 litres - a modular capacity thanks to the compression straps - the XPOD Sling Pack (S) will be perfect for carrying your keys, glasses, wallet and other essentials for the day. FYI: sorry, you can't fit a Playstation in it. Thanks to its adjustable compartments, you can also add clothing and a water bottle. Perfect for the summer when the evenings are cool and you don't want to have to carry a half-empty bag with you. And now the Code of Bell big boy: thee X-PAK Sling Pack (L). Compression straps optimise the adjustable volume of this sturdy waterproof bag. The storage spaces

and compartments are completely hermetic thanks to the YKK zips. And, the magic continues inside the X-PAK Sling Pack (L). It has been so well-designed that the idea of organising its contents is almost an ecstatic experience (#horny). On the programme: interior mesh pockets, a padded compartment for storing and protecting a 13 inch laptop, an extendable front compartment able to hold a pair of trainers and a pullover (even a PS4... remember?), an extendable side pocket for a water bottle, etc. In short, the very definition of functional. It's daring and it's very well done. Yes Sir! Visit the KEUS online store to buy your Code of Bell backpack Delivery free of charge within 48 hours. At KEUS, we select our brands with great care and because they comply with our quality charter. But since we really love doing what we do and want to help you find the perfect backpack, we regularly test the models in our selection. Articles to be found in the Crash Test section of our journal.