Haize Project

Haize Project backpack and accessories

A modular, versatile and sturdy backpack guaranteed for life which everyone agrees about. Even the planet gives it a 'Big Up'.

A Haize Project backpack: for life and #builttoadapt

One backpack for everything, this is the crazy challenge set for themselves by three friends, Nico, Vincent and André, the creators of Haize Project. The Backpack N°0.0 is a little like the unicorn we're all looking for: an extremely practical modular daypack that can be used in the city, for hiking, travelling, cycling, skiing and going to work. All with a timeless and refined design developed in France. After two years of 

research and development and a successful crowdfunding campaign, the three friends launched the Backpack N°0.0. This backpack is the product of a much wider collaboration with many users and outdoor activity enthusiasts (ski, surf, hiking,mountaineering, etc.). Use the accessories to adapt the Haize Project backpack to your needs. Editor's note: this backpack cannot be turned into a parachute or a kayak.

3 good reasons to choose the Haize Project Backpack N°0.0

The French brand, Haize Project, clearly has nothing to envy the large, well-oiled

American firms. There are many good reasons to buy their daypack. Demo! 

A backpack in durable and eco-responsible materials

Each Backpack N°0.0 is made with 410 Gr from recycled PET, namely more than thirteen 1.5 litre bottles. Haize Project is committed to sustainable and responsible production with technical materials which are sturdy, durable and recycled. The inner lining in 420D UPcycle Diamond Ribstop is upcycled : this means that it is made with technical textile offcuts. Thus, its colour may vary

depending on stock. The elements on Haize Project's backpacks (interfacing, buckles) are also Oeko-Tex and Bluesign certified. The latter is an international label which guarantees that no harmful or toxic substances are used in manufacturing. This certification also indicates that the brand complies with certain criteria relating to water and energy consumption.

A sturdy backpack guaranteed for life

At KEUS, we really appreciate the lifetime guarantee. It not only reflects the quality of the bags and accessories, but also the brand's commitment to sustainable and responsible production. With its lifetime guarantee, Haize Project will repair or replace your backpack in the 

event of a manufacturing defect, provided that you were using the bag under normal conditions. Its modular character means that it is also an evolutive backpack. Therefore, no more need to buy a backpack for one activity or another. This bag does it all, although it's doesn't make fries. That said...

A practical, comfortable and versatile daypack

Hiking, tourism and travel, work, cycling..., with its 20/28 litre capacity, this Haize Project backpack can easily follow you on all your urban and outdoor adventures. Its format makes it a perfect daypack, while its accessories offer you the chance to turn it into a hiking bag, a bicycle bag, etc. Its ergonomic and padded shoulder straps ensure the 

ultimate experience in carrying comfort. The pockets and storage in this Haize Project bag allow you organise all your gear correctly. One much appreciated detail (especially when you use public transport!) is its secret anti-theft pocket hidden in its rolltop. And the final argument: this Haize Project backpack has been approved by MacGyver himself. 

Haize Project: a versatile kit backpack for accessory enthusiasts

Haize Project has developed a complete range of accessories, covers, straps and even storage cubes to adapt your backpack to your needs. These accessories can be bought separately or are available in thematic packs (travel, city, adventure, weekend). For urban use and for bicycles, Haize Project has developed a system of straps for attaching your cycling helmet. This system of straps is also useful for hiking and carrying a folded rain jacket, or a mountaineering helmet if that's what like. The removable straps and hip belt also make this Haize Project 

backpacks the perfect companion for outdoor sports activities. When travelling, combine this Haize Project backpack with interior storage accessories, such as the packing cubes, or add a few litres with its extra pack that can be fastened outside at the bottom of the bag. Thanks to its size, the Backpack N°0.0 can be used as cabin baggage. However, be sure to check the authorised dimensions with the airline. And because they have thought of everything at Haize Project, their backpack has a neoprene storage compartment for a 15 inch laptop which is easily accessible from the outside.