The backpack crossover made in the USA, the people carrier version of the Daypack

The versatility of Evergoods backpacks

Perfectly designed for the city or for outdoor activities, Evergoods bags are genuine all-terrain crossovers. Behind their minimalist design, bags from the American brand Evergoods offer great technicity and versatility. Jack Barley and Kevin Dee are at the helm of Evergoods. In 2017, the two men launched a Kickstarter campaign to present the CPL24 and MPL30 Crossover Backpacks. On the strength of their experience in industrial design, research and the development or production of bags for GORUCK (co-founded by Jack) and Patagonia, they decided to design a line 

of crossover backpacks adapted to all possible unimaginable conditions. Are you looking for a backpack for travelling?  Opt for the Civic Transit Bag Evergoods and its 40 litre capacity. Do you need a bag for work or for carrying your everyday essentials? Say hello to the Civic Half Zip 22. Do you want a backpack to carry your computer and belongings when you go away for a few days? Wait for it… The Evergoods Civic Panel Loader with a capacity of 24L will be perfect. What are the additional features of this backpack? Its dual carrying system: by hand or on your back. It isn't 'all good', it's All Evergoods.

Evergoods: technical and ergonomic bags made in the USA

Made in the USA, Evergoods bags are guaranteed for life. They are made with the best technical textiles available on the market. Among the list of ingredients which ensure the quality of Evergoods bags and accessories are: 500D high-tenacity nylon 6.6 combined with a PU DWR waterproof treatment and 420D high-tenacity nylon for the bags' interior. For the finish, the guys at Evergoods have equipped their bags and accessories with the cream of zips. YKK full zips and DWR (Durable water repellent treatment). And that's all. Designed 

by industrial design specialists, Evergoods bags are renowned for their comfort. For example, the rounded shape and the back of the Civic Half Zip 22 have been designed to ensure that you can forget the weight of the bag and what it contains. Of course, it doesn't work quite so well when you're carrying a set of cast-iron pans. Evergoods backpacks' padded shoulder straps and sternum straps also ensure the very best comfort and support. Perfect when you're walking or when you're cycling with your backpack.

The Civic backpack: the daypack in an Evergoods style

Are you looking for a bag for work? Do you need to carry your computer and your sports gear? Are you off to the bar with friends, or showing off at an afterwork? 

Are you planning a short walk in the rain to pick some mushrooms? The Civic Half Zip 22 from Evergoods, aka the CHZ 22, will be perfect for all this.

Its reputation as a crossover backpack precedes it. Adapted to the urban jungle and outdoor activities (do however avoid using it for mountaineering), the Evergoods Civic Half Zip 22 offers the perfect capacity for a daypack: 22 litres. In terms of ergonomy, this Civic model from Evergoods is equipped with a raised compartment for storing a 15 inch computer. In its two extendable side pockets, store all your essentials for the day, such as gloves, a folded rain jacket, a bicycle lock and a water bottle. Practical and functional, the Civic backpack from Evergoods has an easily accessible pocket on the top where you can put your telephone, your wallet, your travelcard, your keys, etc. 

In short, all the little things you need all too often. And which make you want to scream and shout if you have to open the entire bag to find them. And what is the small detail that will delight hiking, trail and yeti hunting enthusiasts? The Civic CHZ 22 is compatible with a Camelbak type hydration pack. When we said that the Evergoods Civic backpack is suitable for outdoor activities, we weren't joking. To buy your Evergoods backpack, visit the KEUS online store. Discover a selection of models (Civic Half Zip, Civic Transit, etc.) in different colours (black, grey, etc.), sizes, materials, capacities and prices, all available online. Delivery free of charge within 48 hours. For further information about Evergoods backpacks, contact via chat.