Pinqponq backpacks

Pinqponq backpacks: the brand with two features that make all the difference

Pinqponq: urban backpacks that dot the i's and cross the t's

Created in Germany in 2014 and based in Koln, the Pinqponq brand has imposed itself on the market with a line of backpacks, bumbags, accessories and clothing which are durable, well thought-out and design. With its 100% sustainable certified textiles (100% recycled polyester), PinqPonq backpacks and accessories adapt to our various needs with disconcerting ease. Whether you're a freelancer, a digital nomad, a bicycle commuter or simply looking for a bag that is environmentally friendly, you will definitely find what you're looking for in the PinqPonq range. In

short: PinqPonq is Deutsche Qualität, something that everyone agrees on. The brand from Germany with Love is appreciated and renowned for its innovative and functional bags, clothing and accessories. Its hallmark? The two coloured dots on all Pinqponq bags, accessories and clothing. The blue dot symbolises functionality, durability and technicity, the red one depicts emotion, inspiration and innovation. And it is all these characteristics that are behind Pinqponq's DNA. To paraphrase the brand: you need just as much soul as you do heart to create something truly great.

Pinqponq: an eco-responsible and effective design made from recycled bottles

Functional and ergonomic, Pinqponq bags meet our need for mobility by allowing us to carry everything we need with us (laptop, reusable water bottle, sports gear, PS4 (?), wallet). We particularly appreciate the transparency and eco-responsible approach of the PinqPonq brand which has chosen to make its bags, accessories and clothing with 100% certified sustainable textiles. Produced in Taiwan, Pinqponq backpack's textiles are in recycled polyester from old PET bottles. It takes about 30 PET bottles to make a Blok Medium, Klak or Cubik bag. And, at KEUS, all these recycled bottles make us want to raise our glasses to them. Responsible and wishing to reduce its impact on the environment, PinqPonq does not use PFC

(perfluorinated and polyfluorinated chemicals which are toxic for the planet and your organism). It has opted for another ecological option: neoseed from the company nicca. Another strength of the German brand: it has been vegan certified by PETA since 2017. However, we cannot guarantee the well-being of the bottles used to make Pinqponq backpacks. And last but not least, PinqPonq has also obtained the GOTS label (King of the North!) for its clothing, a label which guarantees the composition of the textiles. To obtain the certification, the articles and products must contain at least 70% of organically produced natural fibres. In the event of chemical additives, these must comply with strict specifications (environmental impact, toxicity, etc.).

The Blok backpack from Pinqponq: an urban, comfortable and practical model

With its 30-32 litre capacity, the Pinqponq Blok Medium backpack is one of the brand's bestsellers. As for its cousins, the Cubik or the Klak, the Blok inspires great confidence with its versatility and sturdiness. And with its water-based polyurethane (PU) layer which covers its fabric in recycled polyester, the Blok Medium from Pinqponq is waterproof. Perfect as a work backpack, the PinqPonq Blok Medium allows you to carry a 15 inch computer. The little extra? No need to open the bag, your laptop can be accessed from the outside. 'Pfiffig!', as Germans would say. 'Smart!', as Brits would say. As for the French, we'll let you do your own translation. Thanks to an ingenious system of interior pockets and compartments, it's easy to organise the contents of your Pinqponq Blok Medium bag according to your needs and what you have to carry with you. An extendable exterior side pocket 

also allows you to carry a water bottle. Although the Pinqponq Blok Medium is perfectly suited to cycling (when worn as a backpack), it is easy to turn it into a hand bag thanks to the handles on the side and its removable shoulder straps. Unlike other brands: no straps hanging out once the Pinqponq Blok Medium has been turned into a hand bag. If you're looking for a travel bag, the Blok Medium from PinqPonq (also!) has a system for attaching it to a trolley case. When it comes down to it, it does everything. P.S.: admit that you first understood the word as “PingPong”. Wrong. It's PinqPonq. On the KEUS online store, discover a selection of Pinqponq backpacks. On the menu: a selection of models in different sizes, colours, prices and shapes for men and women. Free delivery within 48 hours - enough time to let you decide what you're going to put in your Pinqponq bag. Feel free to contact us by chat if you have any questions!