Remote Equipment

Remote Equipment bags and accessories

Backpacks and accessories guaranteed for life that will never let you down. The DNA of outdoor equipment brought together in your future essentials for urban use. But that's not all.

Remote Equipment: mobility and innovation as driving forces of freedom.

Aware of our new increasingly mobile way of life, Remote Equipment devotes itself to making bags and accessories which make it easier for us to travel in all sorts of environments. In the city, when hiking or travelling, the brand's equipment has made its mark as true chameleons. They adopt a practical technical design clearly borrowed from the outdoor universe. Before starting 

Remote Equipment, Philip de los Reyes, its founder, had made his mark as a designer for over a decade. His mission? To create a range of technical high-performance accessories and bags for travel, which are also suitable for going to the office or carrying your laptop when you live in an urban environment. Because we aren't all called Mike Horn.

With its PROTOTYPE PROGRAM, Remote Equipment is devoted to a very strong R&D strategy focused on experimenting with new technical materials and constantly developing new prototypes and features which it tests under real-life conditions. In its search for the perfect gear, Remote Equipment is driven by an empirical philosophy. It tests quickly so as to be able to make progress 

just as quickly and correct mistakes. The result? Durable technical apparel, bags and accessories that you can always rely on. And, above all, in all situations. On the Remote Equipment brand's blog, you can follow the experiments and different prototypes. An immersive experience that will delight industrial design and textile enthusiasts as well as backpack geeks.

Remote Equipment's bag technology and materials: strong stuff!

Remote Equipment opts for the very best materials for its bags and accessories. The American brand has selected fabrics 

and treatments with great care according to each one's qualities: waterproof, water-repellent, resistance to abrasion and wear, etc.

Therefore, among its equipment's technical characteristics, it's no surprise to find X-PACTM, Cordura® nylon, 400D nylon, Tweave®. Remote Equipment ensures that it is supported by the very best in order to offer the very best. For its (SR) side buckle, Remote Equipment worked with the ILLINOIS TOOL WORKS (ITW) group, a leading engineering manufacturer known for its innovative technological components and equipment. The details and finish have nothing to envy the materials used. Remote Equipment bags are equipped with YKK® RC (racquet coil) 

fasteners. This type of zip is designed especially for baggage type bags and cases that have greater resistance to abrasion. The YKK® Aquaguard® zips offer an excellent barrier to water and infiltration thanks to a polyurethane (PU) coating. Remote Equipment bags and accessories have a special weave (MIL-W-17337 for geeks) which significantly increases their resistance to abrasion. The cherry on top? All Remote Equipment bags, accessories and products are guaranteed for life against manufacturing or material defects under normal conditions of use.

With Remote Equipment, we say Bravo Charlie and thank you Philip!

Remote Equipment's emblematic model, the Charlie 25 backpack distinguishes itself with its minimalist hiking look. Technical and hard-wearing, this bag offers many storage spaces both inside and out. This Remote Equipment bag has many uses: take it with you on a several-day trip, or use it to carry your 15 inch laptop, tablet or sports gear. It front zip opening offers you quick access to its contents for a swift visual check before you head off. Need more space? No problemo since the top of this Remote Equipment bag is extendable, allowing you to take 

advantage of an additional 5 litres. What a treat! Are you looking for a backpack with an original design, somewhere between a sailing bag and a bucket bag? Consider another model which will dazzle you: the Bravo 18. With such a name, this model clearly doesn't intend to disappoint you. This 18-litre Remote Equipment travel backpack is technical, comfortable and versatile. A true chameleon, the Remote Equipment Bravo bag can be carried in four ways: on the back, over the shoulder, by hand, or as a messenger bag in the same way as cycling backpacks. Owing to its cylindrical design and the absence of a padded compartment for a laptop, this bag is better suited to city life,, walking, a digital detox or carefree travel.