Klättermusen backpacks, equipment and accessories

Säg hej Klättermusen! Time for a hike in the land of hard-wearing and effective backpacks that we're happy to take with us on all our adventures.

History of the Swedish brand Klättermusen: outdoor power

Sweden. 1975. The charming mountain village of Åre discovered that it is now the birthplace of a brand specialising in outdoor, rock-climbing and mountaineering equipment: Klättermusen. Initiated by local climbers, the history of Klättermusen started in a small DIY workshop. The Swedes immediately revealed its true colours: here, we only work with hard-wearing materials and durable fabrics to make the technical equipment, clothes and backpacks which we also use. Offering the very best for a variety of outdoor activities, Klättermusen's pioneers have built up an excellent 

reputation which exceeds the borders of Sweden. The brand has developed a wide range of technical accessories, bags and clothing for men and women adapted to a variety of outdoor sports, such as skiing, rock-climbing, mountaineering, trekking, as well as for everyday use. Whether you compare yourself (or not) to Mike Horn or Renata Chlumska, Klättermusen is an excellent alternative when it comes to comfortable technical clothing. And this means you can put your favourite Patagonia jacket in the washing machine... Just so that you know, klätter means to climb and musen means mouse.

Klättermusen bags = (strength x comfort) + outdoor / sustainability2

Before taking over your shelves and your annual trek, all Klättermusen backpacks and apparel are tested. To ensure their durability, first of all, tests are carried out on the fabrics and materials under extreme conditions and then again once the backpacks are assembled. That is why Klättermusen bags are made with high-quality materials such as: recycled polyamide, polyester, nylon, Kevlar®, Econyl®, Levitend® or Retina® (not the one on your screens). And, if you want to know whether Klättermusen bags are hard-wearing? The answer is yes. With Klättermusen, you don't have to worry about a seam splitting when you're hiking, or the shoulder strap coming undone as you're climbing 

some mysterious summit. Aware of ecological challenges and the need to produce less but better, the Swedish brand Klättermusen has committed to a sustainable development approach. The values of its founders, mountain lovers who lived their dream in the great outdoors, are deeply rooted in the brand culture. Although Klättermusen does not claim to revolutionise things, the outdoor brand is committed to a sustainable and environmentally-friendly production ecosystem. That's why many of the accessories and hiking bags are made in completely or partially recycled materials. Another good point for the Swedes from Klättermusen.

Klättermusen: the best male and female bags for outdoor sports

A Klättermusen backpack for every sport. Depending on your discipline (trekking, climbing, mountaineering, public transport hiking), your needs are different. That's why we recommend that you choose a Klättermusen model adapted to your body shape (man, woman), needs (what you want to carry) 

and intended use (sport, daily, cycling backpack). You don't choose a travel backpack for a wild camping trip on the basis of the same criteria as a work bag for carrying your computer on your bicycle! Here's a short guide so that you're sure you make the right choice and find the Klättermusen bag that suits you. 

How to choose your Klättermusen backpack? The questions you need to ask yourself

Define the main use for your Klättermusen backpack. Klättermusen mainly offers technical backpacks for outdoor activities (hiking, trekking, skiing, rock-climbing and mountaineering). Owing to their technical materials and capacity, some models are not suitable for urban 

use. Why? Hiking bags are often cumbersome and heavy. For everyday use, opt for a smaller Klättermusen model from the everyday range offering a capacity of 20 to 30 litres. And if you like the hiking look, check out the colourful retro look of the bags from Topo Designs.

In what conditions are you going to use your Klättermusen backpack?

Rain, dry weather, variable weather conditions, what is the weather like where you live? For hiking and outdoor sports, the very minimum you will need is a technical backpack and at the most a waterproof bag which protects your equipment. 

If you're carrying a laptop in the rain on your bicycle, a Klättermusen waterproof bag is the best solution. You can quickly choose between the models according to how waterproof the materials or their coatings (TPU) are.

What are you planning to carry in your Klättermusen bag?

Full climbing gear, a laptop and working tools, camping equipment, shoes, sports clothes, cosplay costume, or something else, calculate the volume and the number of litres you need by 

making a precise estimation of what you will carry in your future Klättermusen bag. This also helps you see which features, pockets, fastening systems and storage are best suited for your gear.