Carryology x Goruck

Thomas - founder / mad of backpacks -

We've been in on the secret for a while... without being able to tell you, unfortunately. Today, it's official, we can proudly tell you that we are one of the 3 distributors in the world to have the authorization to sell this magnificence. Goruck and Carryology trusted us and it warms the heart. Thanks to them. This superb unicorn is the result of several years of collaboration between Taylor Welden of Carryology and Jason McCarthy of Goruck, at the origin of the famous GR1, which we will also have the chance to distribute shortly (exclusively in Europe) . The GRX (for Guerrilla X (in reference to a turfu soldier invented by the care of the two designers (with a rather stylish / creepy face (that's a lot of parentheses there eh)))) is made of one of the materials toughest on Earth: Dyneema®. If the GR1 was already part of the top 3 of the strongest backpacks, the GRX takes 1st place for many years to come. Each bag also has its titanium patch stamped with the piped mouth of the Guerrilla X. All copies of the GRX were sold out in just 3 minutes on the night of May 25, 2021. All of them? No, there are a few left, and they will be available exclusively on our site from 9 a.m. on June 2. Stay tuned friends.