ULL 30 - Klättermusen

Thomas - founder / mad of backpacks -

Hello friends, I hope you are well! It's been a while since I wanted (to go on vacation) to test a new bag and my choice finally fell on the ULL 30L from Klättermusen, which we have just received and which I have been able to test for almost 3 weeks. to survey the mountainous landscapes of Sicily. I give you my feedback below!

Ull 30 from Klättermusen: featherweight among the heavyweights

This is clearly what struck me the most during this test: its weight. Maybe because I'm used to carrying bags with a lot of features or accessories and which, suddenly, often exceed 1 to 2 kg, but with the ULL on my back empty or almost, I I hardly felt anything. One of my concerns was about the materials (it is, along with the type of accessories used, the first thing I look at on a bag). I was particularly afraid that the daisy chain running all the way around the outside of the bag could tear the canvas. Nay! The ripstop nylon used is admittedly only 210 denier, but 160 g/m2 and equipped with a good PU coating on the inside, which makes it much stiffer to the touch than I imagined. The straps and the cords are braided so that they remain very rigid, which gives a real impression of resistance (= guaranteed reinsurance). At the level of the back, we are on medium density memory foam, with a few ducts so that it can breathe (and which do the job correctly). At the level of the back still, in a lining accessible from the inside, there is the possibility of removing or not a plate of PP (polypropylene, plastic what), serving to stiffen the whole. Personally, I left it because without it I found that the bag, when empty, would sag too much.

30 L? It's validated bro!

I had planned, during this trip, to reconnect with the silver by recovering the box of the daron de Marine (JC, small dedication in passing). Super nice object a tad clumsy (almost a kilo with objo and batteries anyway, just more than the bag what) that I put away, with two balls, between some removable foam in a North St bike bag. Then we are on a classic config of the guy who can't go on vacation without his computer (on pain of missing THE email that will change his life): charger therefore, but also mouse, DDE, cables of all kinds (stored in an X-shaped pocket PAC® ILE), Patagonia waterproof and breathable 3-layer down jacket, headlamp, wallet, Matador microfiber towel, Klean Kanteen water bottle, iconic Accessory Pouch 1 L from Evergoods and a bit of food.

The daisy chain seams are secured by an inner lining. I did the test of hanging two pairs of walking shoes on it, a full 500 mL water bottle, a bicycle helmet and then shaking this pretty Christmas tree in all directions. Result: it did not move a bit. The bottom of the Kevlar® bag is just as reassuring, you can feel right away that it won't let go. As you can see in the photos, the 'Raven' is a kind of dark gray and we are quite far from a classic intense black, as is often the case with recycled fabrics, but which therefore give less feeling of 'washing out' over time than a non-recycled fabric. Pretty cool: the presence of an expandable pocket placed inside and on the front of the bag. It closes with a small elastic and has a width of just over 20 cm. But be careful, it's almost the depth of the bag, so it's not the right place to put the things you need close at hand (Pom'Poms and other doping). There is also on the back side, still inside, a small zipped pocket measuring a little less than 15cm and allowing you to store a phone, keys or a wallet.

The storage of the ULL30 Klättermusen: my reservations

The weight is phew so, as I said above, but it's a bit to the detriment of the features that I now like more and more on a backpack: a small pocket accessible from outside, as well as a water bottle pocket (the two big ones missing from this ULL30 in my opinion). With the exception of the zipped pocket located on the right part of the belt and in which I was unable to store my iPhone 11, we are in 'fixing' mode and not 'storage'. That is to say, when you want quick access to something on the outside of the bag, you will have to secure it with a carabiner. I haven't done it but I think it is clearly possible to make up for the lack of pockets by attaching pockets to the shoulder straps in particular (to store your phone or other), with the Better Tether™ or the Re-Ties ™ from Matador, for example.

As you can see in the photos above, the closing of the bag is done in rolltop with an aluminum hook that must be passed through a first times under the strap and the end of which must then be passed over the strap. It provides super good support and it's super quick to use once you understand the trick.

What I put into practice, however, was to place my water bottle inside, on the side of the large side zip, allowing me to access it very easily. It's also practical for getting a down jacket or a windbreaker, although I would recommend, for this type of light clothing, attaching them to the daisy chain directly.

Also very nice, the quick-release buckle located at the waistband. When the little red strap is out, just pull on it to undo the belt. I think when I discovered this thing, I must have played with it for 45 minutes. As you will have understood, if the ULL30 has some storage weaknesses in my opinion, it is still a safe bet if you are looking for a light, comfortable and sturdy bag for your days of hiking. I leave you, to finish this article in style, my verdict as well as some holiday photos and wish you all a very nice summer. ->​​​​​​​ Order the ULL30 Klättermusen.