Rover Pack Premium - Topo Designs

Thomy - bag and EDC freak -

Rover Pack PREMIUM Ah Rover, his sweet voice and his inimitable flow, always a pleasure to see him again for a portrait, a quality person, his latest opus is a nugget to let yourself be rocked quietly in the daily journeys of the Parisian metro... ( Uh, but what am I saying, it's another Rover that we are going to talk about today, less suave, less pleasing to the ears, but just as interesting for our eyes, our back and so endearing also to commute it as we can be, introducing the ROVER Premium by Topo Designs!

But before talking about the Premium, the Rover classic is the bag that made me know Topo Designs and love this brand, already for the ultra practical side of this backpack, the materials and obviously the design of the latter. I must confess to really love the form factor of this bag, several things make me choose one bag more than another:
- 20 liters max
- 13' computer pocket
- compartments, at least 2
- dedicated pocket for a bottle
- quick-release pocket
- straps compression - comfortable
- slick design.

The Rover Premium ticks all the boxes, but what makes the Premium beat them, slightly more 'classy' materials that make it just as beach-friendly as it is at a customer meeting with a suit without it being a teenager's or hiking backpack (!), the back cover, more comfortable and above all more ventilated, the bottle pocket (x2), stretchy which holds it well , even if you bend down to redo your lace (experienced), 4 compression straps which allow you to further reduce the volume of the bag if you don't fill it too much. I also really love the 'hardware', the huge zippers, it really gives a great look. And then it's really beautiful in this black version, maybe one day in VANTABLACK for a stealth effect ^^ On the other hand, there are certain points that bother me a little, the fact that the interior is black - a yellow interior or orange/white would have been super practical to help find an object that is at the bottom. Also, the closures of the main flap, they are superb by the way, but in practice, not easy to remove with one hand, I replaced them with Fidlocks. But for everything else, it's happiness, a real everyday bag, spacious enough for its needs or a little more when I go to pick up the little one at the nursery, and ultra compact and safe when we're in crowded transport.