Blok M - Pinqponq

Karol - backpack junkie -

Seeing Pinqponq's Blok M for the first time would almost make you want to carry your house on your back, but would there be enough space? The answer is simple, yes. Its main pocket accessible at the front of the bag is already large, but with the top of the bag being stretchable, nothing can stop you, not to mention its bottom pocket easily accessible from the outside. All this space makes you want to jump on the first train? Grab your bag with ease thanks to its two side handles that hook together, or put it on your back if you prefer the good old functionalities of a backpack and its attachment to the chest like a real adventurer. Its clean design, its minimalist line and its many colors make this bag a real chameleon, matching any outfit or use. A few minutes after holding it in my hands for the first time, I was already taking it to prove itself during a complicated mission, but nevertheless necessary for my type of regular use; a day of filming. Its front opening is the main element of the bag and what defines its entire line and functionality, it is for me the most practical element, comparable to the opening of a suitcase. I was able to store and access my equipment very easily, and have an overview of everything I needed. The interior walls are padded and perfectly protective, which is very safe when transporting fragile and/or important things. The front opening of the bag has plenty of storage on the inside, very useful for storing personal belongings, since they are easily accessible, as well as in my case, a lot of cables, batteries, cards, etc. As for its weight, no worries on that side, even with all my equipment on my shoulders, I felt it light, and very pleasant to wear, like a cloudy feeling on my back. /span>

When it comes to my daily use, the Blok M quickly became my first choice. In the inside pocket I store my computer in the pocket provided for this purpose, easily accessible, I can take it out quickly, on this one, which is less common in a backpack, it is a second pocket, smaller, perfect for storing a notebook or a book, in my case my tablet. The many inside pockets are essential to me, I can store my many cables, cards and papers in them. The capacity of the Blok M allows me to bring a rather bulky sweater with me and I still have room to go shopping after work and store them on top. It also has a side pocket on the outside of the bag, provided for a water bottle or a bottle, which for me is essential knowing that I never travel without my water bottle. All cycling enthusiasts must test their backpack accordingly. I'm always looking for the most comfortable bag when riding, it's as complicated as when hiking, the bag must not get in the way, not be too heavy and above all it must bend to all our movements. This requirement was met from the first race, the shoulder straps and the back of the Blok M are flexible and bend to the build of each person, moreover it is one of the lightest bags that I have been able to test, which allows use over long distances without having to adjust your bag every 10 minutes or take a break because it weighs you down.

Who says biking or hiking necessarily means falling or catching. I was pleasantly surprised by its long-term durability. The recycled polyester used resists the many shocks of city life as well as rural life. I did not hesitate to bring him everywhere knowing that he would not risk anything. After having used it in the streets of Paris, it seemed logical to me to exploit its potential during various trips. Objective: start light without restricting yourself. And on that side, its large interior space was essential and met all my expectations, the more things you store in it, the more you realize the space and the multitude of pockets that the Blok M has. What really appeals to me is that everything has a very specific place in the bag, when you put everything you need there, everything is in place, orderly and easy to access. And it's up to you to choose if you go in backpack mode or if you prefer to keep it in your hand thanks to the side handles, and the possibility of storing the straps in the back of the bag.

And of course a backpack test isn't complete without a weather test, I've had the opportunity to brave any kind of rain with the Blok M on the back, and I couldn't be more satisfied, the polyester resists rain perfectly, and keeps your things dry. However, try not to put anything fragile or delicate in the upper compartment which does not close completely and lets the drops of water through, I use it more as additional space inside the bag. No problem in hot weather, I was able to test it on long walks in the sun and it was not unpleasant in any way, the fabric does not heat up and the back does not make you sweat, the straps do not irritate there we are in a tank top, and are even very comfortable. Pinqponq's Blok M was a pleasant surprise, it's not a bag I would have turned to, rather looking for an effervescence of exterior pockets, but that you should never stop at appearance. With its many features and its own style, this backpack quickly becomes an everyday essential regardless of its use since it fulfills all the tasks imposed on it in any situation and place.​​​​​

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