Bicycle backpack

Cycling backpack

It's no easy task choosing your cycling backpack. Messenger, rolltop, bumbag, and more, how to choose your cycling backpack?

What volume? Which material? Here is some advice to help you find the love of your life, your cycling backpack.

Buying your cycling backpack, or the art of asking yourself the right questions

First of all, start by asking yourself a few simple but essential questions: what do you want to carry on your bicycle? What is the size of your computer? How often will you use it? What do you want to use it for, travelling to work, outings? How many days per year 

does it rain where you live? Shall I have a chocolate mousse or a cream cake for dessert? These questions help you make an initial selection of cycling backpacks suited to your uses and settle the matter of the number of litres (not of beer) you will need.

Find a cycling backpack in the right size

According to your body shape (woman or man), be sure to choose a cycling backpack in the right size. Unlike your loose T-shirts, avoid choosing one that is too large so that it doesn't move on your back when cycling and make each ride uncomfortable. For everyday use, carrying the gear you need for the day and your computer, opt for backpacks between 21 and 30 litres. If you're a courier and you need a backpack for work, take a look at large capacity models such as the New Wave XL from Blahol (108 litres) or a cycling backpack over 40 litres.

The Chrome Industries brand, which equips many cyclists and couriers, offers a large selection of suitable models. It should be noted that many cycling backpacks are equipped with compression straps to optimise their volume. This could be the perfect solution if you travel solely by bicycle and you have to carry your shopping, your computer and your work tools. And if you're looking for a backpack that can be turned into a bicycle pannier, the Morrison Backpack Pannier from North St. is the one for you!

Comfort: a question of grip

Cycling backpacks are generally equipped with a chest strap to ensure maximum grip, even when making a 90° turn. But some models stand out. If you're planning to ride every day

and carry more than your lip balm with you, favour a cycling backpack with chest straps. Opt for straps and a back that are padded and made with breathable materials.

Find a practical and functional cycling backpack

A comfortable cycling backpack is good. But it has to be said that a cycling backpack that is comfortable AND functional is even better. The advantage of shopping for your backpack on KEUS is that we have selected models for their design as much as for their practical side. But here's some more advice, it can't do any harm as they say. For a bicycle,

opt for a backpack with different internal compartments and storage spaces to stabilise and support your personal belongings. Rolltop messenger style bags, such as those from Inside Line Equipment are extremely practical since they offer quick access to the contents of your bag. Indeed they're a little bit THE reference in bicycle courier bags.

Some options for carrying and storing your belongings

We recommend models equipped with external side pockets, especially if you're the sort of person who's always searching for your essential items at the bottom of your bag (lip balm, keys, smartphone or cigarettes, for example). Opt for pockets that can be closed such as those on the Minimalist from Mission Workshop, especially if there are many speed bumps on the road, or if you live in a region where it rains 345 days a year. Do you need to carry your bicycle lock?

That's lucky: the Tuck Laptop from Timbuk2 has a side pocket specially designed for a bicycle lock. Other models, such as the Echo Bravo and the Urban EX Rolltop 18L from Chrome Industries are equipped with straps at the front or a fastening system for a U-shaped bicycle lock. Another perfect option for hanging and fastening various objects is the soft system borrowed from military backpacks. Find it on the Barrage Cargo models from Chrome Industries.

A waterproof and reflective cycling backpack: the winning combination

On a bike it's important to ensure that your backpack is watertight, especially if you're carrying your computer. At KEUS, we've selected cycling backpacks made with very high-quality sturdy and waterproof technical fabrics (Cordura®, X-PAC™, etc.). When making your purchase, do not hesitate to consult our glossary to find out more about 

the materials used for your backpack. Even if you like the full black look, don't forget that on a bike the most important thing is to be visible by cars! If you ride at night or in the winter, opt for a cycling backpack with reflective strips. Some Inside Line Equipment, Chrome Industries and Timbuk2 models are equipped with these.