Work backpack

Work backpack

At KEUS, all our models can be used as work backpacks. However, you do need to think about what you have to carry or the size of your laptop to determine the capacity of the work backpack you're going to need. To find the size of the bag you need, we recommend that you lay out everything you carry with you on the ground and measure it. A more detailed tutorial can be found in our practical guide and our selection for kitting yourself out correctly

for going back to work. Key criteria should be considered when choosing your work backpack: comfort, durability and watertightness. These three points apply for all backpacks (in particular models adapted for photography). Because if you carry various electronic devices, tend to occupy co-working spaces, or travel often for meetings, you will need a bag that protects your computer or tablet from the rain and also protects your back!

Work backpacks for freelancers, students and digital nomads

Digital professions have really taken off in recent years. There is a growing number of freelancers and digital nomads and these new practices

have created new needs. Bag brands have understood this and offer sturdy, waterproof bags able to hold everything these web workers need.

Compartments adapted to new working practices

Inside these hotchpotch backpacks which are now part of our everyday world, compartments, mesh pouches and storage spaces vie for space. Work backpacks compete in terms of their ingenuity. Take a look inside the 

Hajo Pro Lotus backpack from Ucon Acrobatics, or a model from Able Carry and admire their ingenuity! Everything in its place. Long gone the days when your backpack used to look like a junk drawer!

How to organise your backpack correctly?

Many work backpack models available at KEUS have a compartment for carrying a flask which is generally located on the outside of the bag. An extremely practical solution for all those who have invested in a stainless steel flask to avoid using plastic bottles. And, if your flask isn't closed correctly, it helps prevent turning

the inside of your backpack into a pool party. Rip MacBook. To get the most out of it, take a look at our practical guide for packing and choosing your work backpack correctly. If you're slightly OCD, some brands offer organiser type pockets or storage pouches for tablets, notebooks, iPads and other small and medium-sized objects.

Work backpacks adapted for bicycles

Are you part of the bicycle commuter community? If so, you will need a work backpack 

that is also suitable for cycling. Take a look at Chrome Industries.

The American brand specialises in cycling equipment and offers a wide range of backpacks suitable for bicycles. Depending on the model, you can store a 13 or 15 inch computer in them; they are all equipped with a protective compartment designed specifically for this purpose. Otherwise, opt for a reflective model such as

those from Inside Line Equipment. If your bicycle is equipped with a pannier rack and you don't like riding with a backpack, you can also put your work tools in the Woodward Convertible Backpack and Morrison Backpack Pannier from North ST., equipped with a fastening system. Those Americans think of everything!

A work backpack for carrying your laptop

Discover our selection of backpacks for work suitable for a 13, 15 or 17 inch laptop or tablet. For a small

computer or a 13 inch tablet, a large selection of work backpacks is available to you.

Ucon Acrobatics, Côte&Ciel, Sandvist, Chrome Industries and Able Carry offer versatile, comfortable and sturdy backpacks in several colours and sizes. A large part of our work backpacks selection is adapted to carry a 15 inch computer. It's up to you to decide if you should place your computer in an additional pouch or see whether the work backpack's padded compartment is enough. In the first case,

ensure that your computer and its pouch actually fit into the bag. Feel free to contact us by email or chat! At Keus, we have devised our selection for designers, graphic artists and developers and all other professions which commonly work with a 17-inch computer. Discover the XL format work backpacks compatible with this size from the Mission Workshop and Côte&Ciel brands.