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Travel backpack

Using a backpack for travelling is pretty much the most practical solution, especially when you're embarking on an adventure. Rolling a case over paving stones or down stairs is pretty hellish, right?

Rolling a case over paving stones or down stairs is pretty hellish, right? Perfectly adapted to mobility, there is a reason why so many travellers and nomadic workers have opted for a backpack.

Advice for choosing your travel backpack

Choose your travel backpack according to: - how you travel and your mode of transport (road trip, hotel, plane, truck, or on foot, etc.) - the duration of your trip - what you are carrying (camera, hiking equipment, laptop computer, clothes, etc.) These three elements will help you determine the volume, 

structure and features of your future travel backpack. Start by laying all the gear you are planning to take with you on the floor.  You'll get a rough idea of the size and volume you'll need. And before heading off into the sunset, take time to read our practical guide for packing your backpack correctly.

A backpack for travelling: comfort at the service of ergonomy

If you're travelling with a backpack, opt for one that is comfortable, sturdy and ergonomic. If you have to carry clothes or your laptop, choose a model equipped with chest straps and compression straps to optimise the volume. Travel backpacks with 

a chest strap AND a belt, such as the Eiger from Crafted Goods, or hiking style backpacks from Heimplanet, Milet and T.O.E. Concept, offer their users optimum support. You can jump about: the backpack won't move!

A backpack with pockets and storage spaces for peace of mind

Your travel backpack should be functional and practical. Opt for models with inside and outside pockets (for your flask!) and easily accessible smart storage spaces. Outside pockets with a zip

protect your personal belongings from pickpockets. Remember this when making your choice! However, do avoid putting your wallet in the front pocket...

A travel backpack: several ways to carry it

Why choose when you can carry your backpack on your back, across the body, or as hand luggage? In our selection, discover several travel backpacks which can be carried in several ways thanks to their various reinforced handles: the Forge Pack from Black Ember or the Tyre from Sandqvist for example. 

Other models with reinforced side handles such as the Algot from Sandqvist, the Summoner Pack from Chrome Industries, or the Transit Line Travel Pack from Heimplanet, will do the job perfectly if you like carrying your backpack in your hand.

A travel backpack for taking the plane

Check the authorised dimensions for cabin baggage! It may vary slightly from one airline to another. At Air France, cabin baggage can measure up to 55 x 35 x 25 cm (including pockets, wheels, and handles) a weigh a maximum of 12 kg. 

At Easyjet, your baggage cabin must not exceed 56 x 45 x 25 cm (including handles and wheels). Perfect for going away for a few days and carrying a 15 inch laptop, the Zack duffel style bag from Sanqvist measures 52 x 35 x 23 cm and can be taken into the cabin. 

Some airlines are very strict so avoid unpleasant surprises (and the baggage supplement which is always annoying) and make sure you have a backpack with a volume that complies with the authorised dimensions. Always check the airline's website before you leave.

Another important point: if you want to keep your backpack in the cabin, make sure that it offers easy access to your various electronic devices (tablet, camera, laptop, etc.). It's really unpleasant having to empty your entire bag into the tray at the security check.

Which backpack for a weekend away?

For a weekend trip, depending on the gear and clothing you want to take (we don't mind if you feel you have to take your 4 pairs of Air Max with you for 2 days) a backpack with a volume of between 30 and 40 litres is quite suitable (except for the 4 pairs of shoes). Sandqvist, Topo Designs, Crafted Goods, Ucon Acrobatics, and more, discover a large number of travel backpack models for a weekend break. Although they are very spacious,

backpacks with a roll-top design are not always practical when you want to find your belongings quickly, unless you opt for storage accessories and pouches and a model with compartments. The solution? Choose a bag such as the Transit Line Travel Pack from Heimplanet equipped with a zip that surrounds its structure. You can open the backpack completely and find what you need in just a few seconds.

A hiking backpack for travelling

On KEUS, discover a selection of travel backpacks suitable for hiking. You have the choice between sports type technical models such as the ones from Millet, Ortlieb and T.O.E Concept, or the ones which are just as technical but also designer and minimialist from Heimplanet. If you're looking for a backpack for 

travelling and hiking that is slightly more fun and colourful, opt for a Topo Designs model such as the Subalpine or the Mountain Pack (full crash test in the journal). Check your backpack's dimensions if you want to take it into the cabin! Hiking backpacks are often cumbersome in terms of their volume and size.