Rains backpack

Rains waterproof backpacks, or come rain or shine.

Rains: designer backpacks that withstand the rain

Well-known by fans of clothing that is as design as it is practical, the Danish brand Rains has made its mark with waterproof and minimalist outdoor clothing, accessories and backpacks. With Rains, simplicity joins forces with Scandinavian style. Catapulting the iconic cagoule and the traditional yellow raincoat to the realms of slightly outdated collectors objects, Rains has revised the concept of rain clothing and bags to offer meticulous contemporary 

and refined designs. For the anecdote, Rains is the result of an encounter between Daniel Brix and Philip Lotko when they were students at the TEKO Design School in Denmark. First of all, Rains made its entry onto the market with a cape. Since then, it has greatly extended its range to offer waterproof jackets, bags and accessories with which you can try Singing in the Rain without getting soaked. With timeless and contemporary designs, Rains backpacks are for both men and women.

Rains: waterproof backpacks in polyurethane and recycled polyester

When you see a Rains backpack in the street, you're immediately struck by the minimalist structure and the texture of the fabric. 

It has to be said, Rains backpacks are as beautiful and smooth as photoshopped skin. Indeed, it is the brand's hallmark.

Made in factories which comply with the ethical and quality standards imposed by Rains, the bags are designed in lightweight polyester reinforced by a flexible polyurethane coating (PU). The polyurethane chosen by the Danes is guaranteed free of fluorine compounds and endocrine disruptors. Thus, despite their monolithic appearance, Rains bags are supple, light and comfortable. Rest assured: the Rains grey Backpack model won't make you feel as if you're carrying a standing stone on your back. In terms of the waterproof aspect and the finish, the textiles are stitched and certain parts are welded by ultrasound and the zips and fasteners are also waterproof. At KEUS, we like the technicity and finish of the Danish Rains bags. 

With a waterproof index for the textile that endures an 8,000 mm column of water, there's no risk: your gear will always be dry with Rains. Unless you decide to go swimming in the Niagara Falls. But then that's up to you. Still in terms of manufacturing, the quality standards are excellent. The components of Rains bags and clothes comply with REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals) standards, which aim to control and assess chemical substances circulating on the European market. Rains has adopted an eco-responsible approach. Lucid and transparent, it wants to reduce its use of non-recycled polyester. How? By using recycled polyester microfibres from plastic bottles in its bags, accessories and clothing.

The Backpack and Rucksack by Rains: two essential backpacks that you should not be without

It has to be said that we've fallen under the charm of the matt black buckles on the Rains emblematic Backpack (yes, that's its name) and Rucksack. 

And apparently we're not alone since it's quite common to see Rains backpacks when you're out and about.

Urban, contemporary and minimalist, the Rains Backpack and Rucksack are perfectly suited to the city's changeable weather conditions. Monsoon, shower, downpour, nothing stops them. Thanks to their polyester coating, the Rains Backpack and Rucksack are waterproof and protect your belongings from the rain, especially your laptop. For bicycle commuters or digital nomads looking for a work backpack, Rains bags will be ideal. And if you only swear by bags with a roll-top in the style of a messenger cycling backpack that's lucky because the Rucksack is also available in a rolltop version. And, the straps of Rains backpacks are adjustable and comfortable. Everyone agrees on this point. In terms of capacity, you have the choice between different sizes for the emblematic Rains Backpack. If you have to carry your 13 inch laptop, opt for the Mini (8 litres) or standard (13 litres) Backpack. When you're on your bicycle or walking, you can 

carry your 15 inch laptop in the traditional Rains Rucksack, or its rolltop version. If you're looking for a backpack with a front pocket for easy access to all your essentials, opt for the Rains Rolltop Rucksack: this version has a front pocket with a zip at the front of the bag. It should be noted that these different Rains backpacks have compartments for storing your laptop and organising its contents in the same way as Marie Kondo. Visit the KEUS online store to discover a selection of RAINS backpacks for women and men in stock. Discover a selection of models from the Rains brand, the Backpack, the Mini Rolltop, the mini and standard Rucksack, available in different colours (beige, black, grey, green, bordeaux, etc.), sizes and prices. Delivery free of charge within 48 hours. For further information, take a look at the Crash Test section in our journal to see the backpack tests conducted by KEUS team members.