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Hi all ! I hope you are well. We are on fire with Keus and you know what? I have a little secret to tell you … I was recently at the Sandqvist premises where I was presented with their next collection. And frankly I am, once again, completely in love.

As you know, at Keus we are always looking for small nuggets, rare commodities … well this article will not derogate from the rule: let me introduce you exclusively to some of the Sandqvist backpacks that will only come out early 2021. Unless you are a Rick & Morty clone and you come back from the future, know that you will be among the first IN THE WORLD to see the following pictures …

For this next collection, Sandqvist is going up a gear in terms of ecology (and yes, one more) since firstly, they have decided to abandon more than 99% of their leather items (there will only be a few straps left and other leather accessories) and secondly, I can tell you that they did not skimp on the use of organic cotton or recycled polyester.

Among the bestsellers, no major changes, but colors that evolve. Note in particular that the Bernt backpack will be released in several new colors, including an orange and a black / gray.

Super beautiful, right?

The same goes for the Ilon backpack (on the right opposite), which will be available in sand, off-white and brown colors. These new colors do not come out of a magician’s hat, they are consistent with the values ​​of the Swedish brand and echo their objective of manufacturing increasingly eco-responsible and sustainable products. It is because they use recycled polyester that the colors of their backpacks are not as vivid as elsewhere.

According to Jacob Spansk, the design boss at Sandqvist: “Our inspiration is always drawn from our roots, the Swedish woods, lakes, marshlands and mountains. This year we’ve extended our range of core colors to spice things up with two new accent shades. Summer is a fusion of fun and games, warmth and excitement and we wanted the collection to reflect that.”

So on the program, on Bernt, Ilon & Harald backpacks, several color variations and always the use of a Cordura® EcoMade (= eco-friendly AND friction-resistant fabric), which is not to displease us .

Attention, technical details to follow, if it bothers you you can just look at the images, your body will thank you. #dopamine

In the “Aerial” range, several changes: first, we pass on metal YKK zipper sliders. Still as much flexibility (the zipper remains YKK Vislon®) and ease of opening (especially with these large zippers), but it shines a little more in the pockets. On some models, the zigzag seams called “bartaks” change to yellow or orange and the plastic buckles are replaced by metal buckles.

You may have observed this trend with other brands like me. It started with the use of Austrialpin buckles at Mission Workshop and others. Here we are on a much lighter and less technical loop (we won’t go parachuting with a Verner backpack, anyway). On the latter (in photo opposite), Sandqvist has kept the architecture of the bag as we know it and appreciate it: two side pockets and a separate compartment at the bottom.

The Aerial range will be enhanced with a new color: olive green. The fabric used in the design of the bags in this range (Algot, Verner backpacks, etc.) remains a 100% recycled 1680-denier polyester called “ballistic”, which is also very resistant to abrasion. On olive-colored models, the strap changes to midnight blue. The Zack travel bag becomes the “Zeke”: more compact and lighter (26 liters instead of 41). No photo of him in this article (must keep a little surprise).

In the “waterproof” range, two major changes. 1 / You won’t see it from their appearance, but it’s nice to know: the fabric now used is a 100% recycled polyester coated with polyurethane (PU). Well, organic PU doesn’t exist yet, but by proceeding in this way, Sandqvist still reduces the ecological impact of these products.

2 / The straps are retro-reflective = guaranteed wow effect. In my photos, we do not realize, but at night, on a bike, in the smoke of a stinking diesel, it really makes the difference. The Ruben backpack and two new models, the Konrad backpack and the Atle backpack (just after the Ruben in the following photos) are affected by these updates. The Konrad is a rolltop backpack with a vertical pocket with a front zip and a 13-inch laptop compartment. It will exist in solid black, olive green, off-white, navy blue AND, in tri-color: olive green + off-white + black (as in my photo). Again, Sandqvist is showing “ecological inventiveness” since these three-color versions will be made from scraps of fabric. For the Atle backpack, we are more frankly on a totepack. It also has a 13-inch laptop compartment and a zip pocket on the front.

Finally, another new model is making its appearance: the Kaj backpack (in black and yellow in the photos below), an ultra-minimalist 13 liter rolltop backpack, made of 65% organic cotton and 35% recycled polyester. We are in love. And you ?

So much for the last excluded ! I hope you enjoyed this article, do not hesitate to write us at or directly in our Live Chat to chat with us. Also, don’t hesitate to tell us if you want a model set aside. We are here for that 😉

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire Sandqvist team for their confidence and their commitments. For our part, we are delighted to be able to work with brands that think of our future before their wallets.

Be well and stay covered!


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Photos opposite: the Bernt Lightweight backpack and the Roger Lightweight backpack in new colors, available for sale in March 2021.