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Hi everybody ! I waited a long time to be able to test this bag, I am super happy to finally be able to make my return on. I knew Ortlieb, of course, and I had seen some friends wear the classic Velocity, but I had never been able to see High Visibility in real life. First, by day (without particular lighting), the ripstop fabric used gives it a very technical side, as if it were made of graph paper (or dotted paper like my Bullet Journal).

I like the fact that it is very simple : no pocket on the outside, it looks like a very basic bag. It is very light (0.850 KG against 1.150 KG for the classic PVC Velocity), but I think they could have made even more light, by changing the back : the straps are attached to the back by screws, with plastic parts (let’s call them “plastic ears”). What for once must be indestructible, but they could simply strengthen the fixing of the straps using a strap, for example. It would have been very resistant and much lighter.

I was afraid that those “ears” would annoy me or go back on my back, and in fact I never feel them. First thanks to the rigidity of the back (the bag does not curl, even loaded) and also thanks to the thickness of the foam patches (superior to that of the ears) : my back rests on the patches that hold at a reasonable distance the ears of my back (forgive me for the absurdity of this sentence 🙂 …)

As I said before, the rigidity of the back is a real advantage. It is obtained thanks to a plastic plate located inside the bag. One would tend to believe that the more the back of the bag is straight, the less comfortable it is (which may be true depending on the materials used) but in reality, the more the back of the bag is kept straight, the less the weight of the bag is removed of your body, so the less you work unnecessarily. (It’s always the same story of center of gravity that we explain in the article how to choose and load your backpack).

The foam patches are spaced so that you will not sweat from the back, even after a good rib. They are composed of a fairly basic EVA foam, but with good density, good water resistance and easy cleaning. The straps are very comfortable and naturally come to rest on your shoulders thanks to two pieces of fabric that move on plastic ears. Both ends of the fabric are attached to the shoulder straps with bartak stitchings : impossible to tear them ! The straps are made of a very breathable mesh fabric.

Little mistake from Ortlieb : the straps are reflective, but much too low. Once my bag is on, the reflective part of the straps is under my arms… The lifting handle is rather long (26cm), compared to the backpacks I had the opportunity to test. I find it convenient to catch it quickly.

However, Ortlieb says that the base of the bag is reinforced and that’s why the bag is therefore stable, which is not totally true. It is only when the bag is loaded that it is stable, otherwise it falls forward permanently. On the other hand, the plastic parts allow some protection against friction on the ground, but the textile part of the bottom is not reinforced. At night, this bag is a bomb ! Aesthetically, I find that the fabric is beautiful, the whole remains minimalist and extremely effective… impossible not to spot you ! I originally believed that a high frequency welding could only be achieved when smooth plastics were joined. Here, the fabric seems to be coated with polyurethane inside and that seems enough. Same note for the “fixation patch” of the bike lamp since it is welded to the same reflective fabric. The braiding density of the patch makes it very resistant to abrasion and tearing. In addition, as on the classic Velocity, I can fix lamps of different sizes and with two different orientations.

The fact that it is light in color allows me to locate it inside the bag. All plastic accessories are made by Duraflex… needless to mention the reliability of these products. And finally, do not forget that Ortlieb guarantees all his bags for 5 years, which is not negligible.

I leave you several photos of the bag so that you can get your idea, as well as my score. Find this product in our shop, on our Instagram page or on the manufacturer’s website. And if you have any comments or questions, do not hesitate to let me know at this address:

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