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Backpack accessories

Discover the KEUS selection of backpack accessories which will delight neat freaks, urban photographers, travellers and cycling enthusiasts.

Pouches and accessories to help you organise the contents of your backpack.

You're a little like Marie Kondō: you like everything to be in its place, neat and tidy. That's good because so do we. That's why we're offering backpack accessories you can use to organise the contents of your bag. In our selection, find pockets in different sizes and colours into which you can slip everything you need for the day as well as your electronic devices, as handy as they are stylish. Opt for the retro and amusing charm of Topo Designs pockets and cases available in different sizes. With the American brand North St., treat your favourite spectacles or pens to their very own storage pocket. These extra pockets are extremely handy in a variety of situations: whether for getting the most out of your work backpack, or when you're travelling. At KEUS, we particularly appreciate the Division 10” Vinyl pocket from North St. with its transparent side for checking that you've remembered to bring your phone charger. And as our grandmothers rightly say 'a place for everything and everything in its place'.

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Backpack accessories: the art of protecting and transporting your photo equipment

You don't always need a large camera backpack to carry your compact digital camera, GoPro or small 35mm camera, right? Protect your camera and store it away in your bag without any fear of damaging it thanks to the Black Ember M&M Pouch, or inside the Camera Cube from WANDRD, the specialist photography brand. Another alternative for your reflex camera is the small Citadel DSLR Pack from Black Ember. Offering a volume of 7 litres and weighing 700 grams, this shoulder bag is perfectly suited to minimalist and nomadic photographers who enjoy roaming the city.

Accessories for cyclists

If you're looking for a smart and compact storage system for when you're on your bike, we have two solutions. The first comes from Portland and is called North St. The American brand not only offers bicycle backpacks but also small accessories and modular backpacks. In particular, North St. offers a small bicycle frame pack (the Fuel Pouch) and a waterproof backpack (Pioneer 9″ Hip Pack X-PAC™) that can be turned into a handlebar bag or bumbag thanks to its extra straps and belt.

A bumbag for carrying everything you need

Who said that a bumbag is only for visiting the ruins of an Egyptian temple dressed in socks and sandals? Fortunately, bumbags have seen their credibility restored in recent years. In addition to being compact, a bumbag also offers you the advantage of being able to carry it in two ways: around the body or, more traditionally, around the waist. There are two schools of thought! Handy for concerts, festivals, cycling or carrying the day's essentials, for some brands bumbags have become a genuine designer object. Ultra-technical from Code of Bell, crossbody scarf bag from Côte&Ciel, minimalist from Sandqvist, and even in cycling bag mode from North St., bumbags come in all flavours (ketchup, mayonnaise, samourai, and more) and are adapted to your needs.

Straps to optimise your backpack

The queen of customisation, the Black Ember brand offers pockets and accessories that can be fastened directly onto backpacks as well as various straps to optimise its models. Compression straps, chest strap, fastening straps, and more, it offers a tailor-made experience with technical backpacks always adapted to their wearers' needs and uses. And of course, it can always be useful for your BDSM sessions.

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