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Our desire to select the best backpacks for you goes back a long way… but a project like ours isn’t achieved overnight… more like in 1001 nights! It was only after a lot of travelling and field testing that we were able to define our own rigorous selection criteria.  Some people think that a backpack is just for carrying things with you, which is not wrong. But at Keus we also want our bags to be practical, durable, innovative and beautiful objects. Is that too much to ask?  From the very beginning, Keus was built around values ​​dear to our co-founders, Thomas & Marine: integrity, eco-sensitivity and creativity.  By thinking about these values on a daily basis, and applying them to all of our actions and decision making, we are able to remain true to our principles.  We hope you will feel these commitments as you browse our site.  Keus is more than an online store. We want to be a place of sharing where you can exchange good practices and new discoveries. That’s why we’ll always be happy to chat with you. In just a few years, Keus has become the benchmark in terms of backpack, thanks to you. For that, our entire team thanks you.

The core

Our team.

Thomas - Founder
Industrial designer by training, Thomas worked in various design offices on projects related to textiles and decided to create his own business in 2017. Passionate about backpacks, his constant focus allows him to find rare gear.
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Marine - Founder
Marine works for various artists after having obtained her diploma of Fine Arts in Nantes in 2015. Passionate about the world of fashion and textiles, sensitive to sustainable development and ecology, she does everything to select the most ethical and innovative products.
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Noémie - Marketing manager
After studying marketing and communications, Noémie joined the Keus team in 2019. In addition to being our community manager, she is the one who orchestrates all our photo and video campaigns.
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Our concept.

The Keus team tests and selects the best backpacks in the world… just for you! Our community of testers is made up of designers and engineers, artists and stylists, photographers and audiovisual technicians. The unique experience of each of our members allows our customers to benefit from a wide-ranging pool of bag-related knowledge. Our selection criteria are very rigorous: ergonomics and functionality, quality of construction and finishes, durability of the materials and accessories used. All of our backpacks are extensively tested in the field, especially when hiking, traveling or on two-wheeled excursions. We do not see the backpack as an accessory, but as a product that meets real, eyery-day needs. We carefully choose the brands that we represent, that we consider them to be our true partners. Also, we are a certified reseller of the brands presented on our site, which means that you benefit from the same guarantees as by going directly through the sites of the brands themselves.



We are committed to selling products that are manufactured with resistant materials, that meet our eco-responsibility guidelines, and also where workers have respectful and transparent working conditions. In addition, several of our brands are also committed to the environment (North St. is for example part of the 1% for the planet association), offer solutions to repair their used products (this is the case for instance of Sandqvist), guarantee their backpacks for life (such as Mission Workshop, Chrome Industries, ILE, etc.), or work with recycled materials (Ucon Acrobatics, Côte & Ciel, etc.). We don’t support "fast fashion"; the brands we choose are committed to producing bags in a reasonable and responsible manner, and to a high quality standard that will last for a long time.  For our shipping, we work with a logistics platform located in the Maine & Loire department of France; a company that shares our values, and that provides work for people with disabilities by integrating them into an appropriate professional environment.  Finally, we use recycled cardboard for the various components of our packaging. Our team is attentive to your comments or suggestions and is at your disposal to answer you via our live chat, our email address or the number: + 33 (0) 9 75 83 05 96.


Our partners.



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